Monday, July 28, 2008

Back From The Con!

Well - I went and I saw...but I didn't necessarily conquer!

The Con was - interesting and tiring, but fun and interesting - and tiring. There were lots of "characters" and comic book fanatics...

This first shot (above) I took while riding the escalator - down onto the main floor of the convention center. I've posted several shots - just for fun - below.

Check 'em out...

Of course thematically - "The Dark Knight" was the most popular this year. This guy (as the Joker) was quite happy to have his picture taken!

I don't think this guy was quite as happy...

I'm not really sure what her story is...or who she's supposed to be for that matter...

There were tons of kids there (with their parents of course) and they just loved every minute of it!

The Sorting Hat from "Harry Potter" - maybe?

Not sure about these two...??? The Joker (from the 1940's comic books - not the 1950's tv series) and maybe The Terminator??? Interesting to see the Joker freshening up The Terminator!

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre"? Or could it be the Scarecrow from "The Wizard of Oz" - lo these many years later? I'm guessing!

Oh - this one I know... That's our Nickelodeon ball that hung in the convention center - high above our booth which was located on the convention floor...

Not sure about her...maybe she just wanted to match the Nick ball above?

I don't know this one either - I just really, really loved this shot purely for its graphics. This shot was actually severely underexposed - but when I overexposed it in RAW (love digital) - it added a lot of digital noise - giving it an almost film-like quality that I like. I also love that the entire shot is out of focus - thoughts?

Shazam! No - not the bulge in his pants...the character - Captain Marvel/Shazam... LOL. Actually there was a television series called Shazam based on the adventures of Captain Marvel.

Ok - I'm ALL over this one - Fiona and Shrek!

Obi-Wan Kenobi from "Star Wars"....

More "Star Wars" - Imperial Storm Troopers...not really sure about the other two...?

No clue - but he's scaring the hell outta' me!


  1. Hi KK,
    WOW! Those pictures are FUN! I wanted to go. You have some great shots!
    From Emika

  2. The people with the stormtroopers... not sure who the girl is supposed to be, but I think the guy is supposed to be the stretchy-dude... what's his name? Oh yeah - plastic man.

    What a fun and wacky freak show! It's like HW boulevard on speed!


  3. Oooh... I really like the out of focus witch shot. A lot of them are fun, but that one feels more like fine photography. I bet it would look amazing in B&W too!

    Also love Dark Knight Joker hottie.

    And your pic riding on the escalator... you definitely have your own style too. They really capture the contrast of curve and line, light and dark, and these intricate patterns - and like with this one, the poster seems initially to be out of place, but then you realize there is a repetetition of that, too, which pulls you right through it. That one reminded me of the rabit hole that Alice falls down.

  4. I love these photos from CC. Sounds like an interesting and crazy time!

  5. It goes with out saying that the photos are great, but what's so amazing to me is the way you get in there and capture the mood. I felt as though I was there. Wish I was!

    LOL - Linda

  6. Hi Karen,

    Good to see you for 2 minutes. Just so you know, I was the guy dressed up as the Texas Chainsaw freak and you didn't even know it. Good times. Love you blog.


    P.S. I was also one of the Storm Troopers... the short, handsome one.

  7. the safest freak show on earth?

    didn't have to go and yet I feel like I got a taste of the scene. Well done. I think it's like a spirit pagent not so much a show-off convention? is that accuarate?


  8. Looks like you had fun, Karen! Welcome back!

  9. The bag-head is from Batman...
    Love your work
    John Elliott

  10. It is good to see Comic Con through your lens, the closest I got was 24hr coverage on G4 after my ticket connect fell through... ahhh maybe next year. I have to say I'm digging the joker pic and the last one with white hair something very captivating about both.

  11. Ditto, the bag-head is actually the Scarecrow from Batman.

    At least Shazaam looks like he's wearing some sort of cup. I've seen... "things." I'm just sayin'. SHUDDER.

    Jessica G.

  12. Really like the photos. They do a great job of capturing the quirks of the con. Next year I'm dressing as a big-breasted alien!


  13. i need a hobby!! because i find it so interesting that people get so involved in this...yes i know this comment has nothing to do with your shots but this is crazy!!


  14. Hi Emika - thanks!

    Patricia - Plastic Man - got it! What's going on with her - Chorus Line maybe? Kidding...

    Alice in Wonderland - what a great way to put it! I gotta' tell you...being at Comic Con - I felt strangely enough a little like Alice. LOL

    Food Librarian - crazy time indeed!

    Linda - Thanks! You would have certainly enjoyed yourself...

    Rico - why didn't you say something? You just kept looking at me with that crazy look in your eyes...oh - yeah right - your mouth is sewn shut - that explains it all! LOL

    Markus - a total spirit pageant...everyone's just glad to be there. Thanks for the comments.

    John - comes through with the correct answer - thanks for that and for the comments.

    Kamali - another taker on the Joker...everyone seems to think he's a hottie! Yes - definitely next year.

    Jessica G - you're on board with John - Scarecrow from Batman it is...thanks you guys -obviously I'm a little behind the times.

    "I've seen things..." how hysterical - do tell...

    Ron - Thanks...a big-TWO-breasted alien? Just checking...

    Shay - I know! Right? Oh wait - I do have a hobby...LOL


  15. I've begun to notice something quite interesting about your photos. The way the subject is photographed, whether landscape, figure, etc., makes me focus on the shapes created rather than just the subject itself. The way that you abstract your subject is very unique.

  16. Lor Lor - thank you for saying that. I’d really like to chat with you more about this the next time we speak – I’ve been thinking more and more about my “style” lately and it’s refreshing to know that something might be peeking it’s head out…


  17. Hey KK
    Your storytelling is great it leaves a lot for the imagination to figure out or viist the sight for ourselves.
    Your work is brilliant.
    Did these people actually stop for and pose for you to shot them?

  18. Mommy - Thanks...Yeah...they actually stopped and wanted their photo taken. At lot of people (enthusiasts) come to Comic Con dressed up - even families...and they love having their picture was loads of fun!
    Love you,


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