Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cross Rhodes

I wanted to include this photograph as part of this posting because it all ties in with my sight-seeing on this day - actually I got severely lost, but to me, that's the only way to really see "stuff".  Get off the beaten path and you never know what you'll find!

This concrete cross, called the Cross at Filerimos, sits atop Filerimos Hill in Rhodes.  It's enormous....I don't know how tall it is exactly - but it's enormous - go see for yourself.

You can actually enter the cross and walk up an extremely narrow stairway and look at the scenery below from a special viewing area on top. It's a really tight squeeze inside - especially with many people coming and going - but it's well worth the climb.  The cross is illuminated at nighttime and can be seen from other villages and even some neighbouring islands.

By the way - Filerimos means "lover of solitude".  Are you a lover of solitude?

P.S.  If you'd like to see a different view of this cross - click here


  1. Dang, Kar! I don't know what I was expecting, but this is good stuff. I'd love to have a print of the cross for my home. I love both of the dome shots - the simplicity of the first one and the way the second one leads you into the picture through its layers.

  2. Awwwhhhh...Lor Lor - I would be honored to have my work in your home...

  3. This picture came out perfectly. The angle and the sun shining on the cross make it seem truly majestic and awe-inspiring.


  4. KK, your artwork is stunning. I knew you were talented, but wow! Yes, I'd love a print of the cross pic, too. Keep adding--I can't wait to see what's next.

  5. K,

    I'm really impressed with your work. You've got an exceptional eye, really. The layers, the patterns you create with the angle and lighting and subjects of your shots... you're a natural at this.

    And... really? A cross you can hide in? If they'd had those is Jesus' day, we probably wouldn't have an easter bunny!

    Looking forward to seeing you this week!


  6. Amber - thanks for the comment. I actually took 3 shots before I was able to get just the right angle. The sun was moving so fast I could barely keep up.

    Rach - somehow I knew you'd appreciate this shot. Thanks for the comments.

    Patricia - how absolutely ironic is that...yes...a cross you can hide it - HELLO? Need I say more. Thanks for your comments.


  7. I like the cross photo. It's like a giant nun. Scary!

  8. Kerri - you're scaring me...I see it now!!! Wow...thanks for the visual.


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