Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fountain of Youth

I thought I'd continue the dome trend...

Remember the first photo I posted of the inside of the dome in Greece?

This dome actually sits in Kalithea Bay in Rhodes.

I took this photo two years ago - if you look closely you'll see it's actually the top of the dome from the outside - see it?

Just beyond the fountain (in the foreground), just beyond the archway, just beyond the pillars - right before you get to the beautiful ocean and sky backdrop.

Just for the record - I did not "layer" this shot in photoshop. Others that have seen this shot find it hard to believe that the layers existed naturally...

What do you think?


P.S. I found a recent picture online of this very same spot and it's been completely revamped if you're interested
- click here


  1. Can I get more jealous-er?

    These pics make me feel like there's just too much out there I haven't seen, but I think it's because the pics translate so much mood, that I want to stand in that mood and feel that breeze and smell that inspiration.

    And eat the local food.

    Thanks for the lovely trip.


  2. Markus,
    I agree - there's so much out there I haven't seen...I haven't even see the other side of the 14 freeway near my house...let alone some other parts of a far off land...

    The entrance to the 14 south is before you get to the overpass of the freeway... I thought to myself this morning - what would I see if I actually drove under the overpass and ventured onto the other side of the freeway????


  3. KK you have an amazing eye. It's too bad about the renovation I think. Your pic is so much better! I love this one.

  4. OOOH! I love this one. The contrast in colors and shapes...and the framing! Love it.


  5. Okay, I'm a genius because I saw the dome and recognized it as Greece before I even read today's blog entry. Wait - let me say that another way. You're a genius because the composition of the shot clearly shows the intended for what it is and even an idiot like me can see it for what it is.

    Love the shot. Makes me want to go to Greece again...okay for the first time.

  6. I think I remember seeing this at the Nick Gallery. Its really impressive. There are so many elements to it. I love it. Also, i was really shocked when I saw the other picture of this exact place. Because this shot makes the location look so much more amazing. It looks like you were at the perfect spot to take one amazing photograph. My votes yes for the website. Its a very interesting shot.

  7. It's amazing that you "saw" this shot and was able to capture it. It's perfection. It could be on a postcard. I agree with someone else's post that it looked much better when you were there than it does with the renovations.


  8. KK
    Beautiful pix just beautiful!

  9. When I first saw this, I actually thought it was a diorama. A really great, detailed, life like diorama, but none the less. That has a lot to do with your composition, but also with the natural symmetry of the structure, from the arch way to the columns. I tend not to be a huge fan of "look how pretty the world is" photos, because that tends to be they only message they are trying to convey. But this is different. It brings in to view not just the beauty of the scene, but the clear, meticulous, purposeful design of the scene. This is not a photo that says "look how pretty the world is" but rather "look at the lengths we go to create and frame beauty." Nice work, KK.

  10. WOW Karen, Love your work. I don't think the layering in photoshop could capture what you did. Remember the Parliments ads - whenever I saw one of those ads I would actually get losted in the photo, they pale next to this shot.


  11. This is a beautiful photo- my favorite so far! Great depth and structure. It makes me want to fly to Greece right now, and I hate flying. "Omorfi!"

  12. Vicki - Thanks for the comment. In the renovation shot - they left out the fountain - unfortunately!

    Alyson - I guess all of Joan's talk about color, shape and framing was already in me - somewhere! Thanks for the comment.

    Young Vince - first let me say that I love that screen name - Young Vince - only you...thanks for the comment. BTW - you are a genius!

    Amber - a postcard huh? You're giving me more ideas...somebody stop me!

    Lisette - I know that's you - thanks Lisetty

    Itai - sound like a writer! LOL. I agree about the "look how pretty the world is" type photos - but I just couldn't help myself with this one. I love the idea of a photographic diorama though...again - somebody stop me!

    Linda - Thank you, thank you! Yes - I do remember the Parliment ads - along with all the other Philip Morris ads

    Nicole - Thanks for the comment - sounding like a great place for a honeymoon!


  13. Someone left a really great comment - but I don't know who it is...they start off by saying "I think I remember seeing this at the Nick Gallery..."

    Who left that comment???? Really would like to know.


  14. I posted here last week but just saw it didn't go up... so lemme c if I remember what I was saying.... Love the layered photo. That and the first one of the dome are my fav. When I first saw the dome I actually asked myself what it was, and how you created it... I was like is it fabric? paint? That's a good one prolonged intrigue. And the layers are just so perfect, it looks like an outdoor film set.

  15. so wish I could be here...feels so peaceful & serene..the way life should be! plus it has purple!! brillant shot!

  16. Hi Kamali - thanks for the comments. I can totally see the outdoor film set thing with "Fountain of Youth"...

    Sherri Berri - you are here...thanks Shay Shay!


  17. Hey Karen,
    I loved how you captured the 3D scene, the coloring is great the deep blue sea is inviting! Keep up the great work. Oh yeah this is my favorite so-far.

  18. Hi Mom - glad you liked the shot - I'll have to get a print made for you since it's your favorite thus far. I too love the 3D feeling and that water just looks so inviting!
    Love you,

  19. Karen this is gorgeous!! Also love the sconces series. your blog is putting mine to shame. good work!! keep posting.

  20. Villagegirl - thank you, thank you, thank's great to hear from you...


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