Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Long Way Home

While shooting "The Fountain of Youth" (above), if I look to my right, these stairs lead down to the dome itself.

The scalloped wall on the left is made of concrete, but the stairs themselves are made of marble!



  1. I like the perception of this picture. I would almost wish that there was more shadow coming down across the stairs though. It would give it a little more dimension. But I guess you couldn't control the sun!


  2. Amber - I'd have to agree with your comment. It might have been nice to actually see the scallop of the stone wall reflected on the stairs to give the shot more texture.

    Oh well - you're right - I couldn't control the sun and unfortunately I couldn't control the time of day I took the shot either - but now that I look at the photo more closely - I guess I would never get the scallop from the left wall because the shadow is actually coming from the bushes - maybe if I shot this in the morning sun - I would have gotten the shadow from the scallops on the right wall - hmmmm...

    Thanks for the comment - you're really making me think now - I like that.


  3. The Long Way Home I loved. I loved seeing the green shrubs at the top of the stairs, it makes one feel that their is an end to this journey when you reach the top of the stairs.
    Love mommy

  4. Mommy - that's a great thought - I love it...
    Love you,


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