Sunday, August 31, 2008


So who's your favorite Batman? Here's what people had to say:

6% choose Lewis Wilson from the 40's
27% choose Adam West from the 60's
48% choose Michael Keaton from '89 & '92 (my personal fav)
12% choose Val Kilmer from '95
12% choose George Clooney from '97
36% choose Christian Bale from '05 & '08

Yeah - it's more than 100% because some people had more than one favorite...



I asked a question a while back: "Have You Ever Wanted to Be a Superhero" and the results are in:

74% said Yes
7% said No
19% said I Already Am

See...I'm not the only one...


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back From Palm Springs!

Ok - so it wasn't 122 degrees...I think the hottest it got was only 107 degrees...but it was still hot - especially when it's still 98 degrees at 10:30pm - yikes!!!

Had a great time watching films and even took a break at one point to ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

I'll have more photos to share from my Palm Springs trip in the next couple of days...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Off To Palm Springs!

Well...I'm off to the 122 degrees of heat one might call Palm Springs! I'm headed to the Palm Springs International ShortFest.

Bascially it will be four days spent in darkness...I'll spend the majority of my day in a dark theatre watching short films and it's usually after dark when we emerge from what seems  like the bowels of the theatre - just in time for some good food, drinks and all the great filmmaker parties...!!!

So - I think I may be on a sconce kick - or more to the point - a sconce, emitting light, casting shadows on the wall, kick...because here's another.

Hopefully I'll have lots of fun stuff to share when I get back...

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Home Again

35,000 feet in the air!
Traveling back to LA from Jersey...
This shot somewhat breaks the rule of thirds (with the horizon going almost right through the middle of the frame)...But I'm ok with that! How 'bout you?

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Artist Formerly Known As...

I took this photograph while in Kalamazoo, MI. I think the title speaks for itself (theoretically)...

Can you tell me two things:
#1 - What do you think it is?
#2 - Do you or don't you like it (and why)?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Greece (Part II)

Since my first set of Greece photos ("First Post Ever of My Own", "Cross Rhodes", "The Long Way Home" and "Fountain of Youth") were all taken in Rhodes - I thought I'd share some of the shots I took while in Mykonos.

Athens was actually my first stop in Greece - but my least inspiring. And since several friends have asked me about the Athens portion of my trip there could potentially be a Greece (Part III), I'm just not sure yet. Although, if I do decide to post photos from Athens it will be quite some time from now because I have other stuff that I want to share.

Check out the 4 new photos below and please let me know your thoughts. I really enjoy getting critique (read: constructive feedback and/or glowing praises) on my work. It helps me in the long run to further hone this craft...


Going Green

I think the windmills of Mykonos are probably one of the most recognized landmarks of the Island. There are actually about five windmills in this particular area of the Island, but I've only captured four in this shot.

Here is another shot of the windmills that I found online.

Ok - I'm just kidding...I purposely chose a site that didn't have a good shot just to make my shot look better...! LOL. Seriously - here is another shot of the windmills.

I'm not all that familiar with the history of the windmills - but if you're interested - check it out.

Thoughts on this photograph?


Three Sheets to The Wind!

When I took this photo, I had never heard of the phrase "three sheets to the wind"! Now mind you - I've been "three sheets to the wind"...but I usually just call it tipsy (now) and drunk (back then) - whenever "then" was...LOL

When I arrived at the lab to pick up my prints - the lab technician said this was one of his favorite shots because it reminded him of that phrase - so I decided to use it as the title for this piece...

This shot was taken while walking the back streets of Mykonos and as usual (while on vacation) - I wandered off in some unknown direction (read: I was lost)...but it wasn't my fault this time. The streets were (back in the day) purposely constructed like a maze to help foil would-be attackers by confounding them and enabling villagers to maneuver them into ambush (or so I was told by a local).

There was a wall here and I climbed up on the wall (holding on to the side of someone's house) to get this shot.

When was the last time you've been three sheets to the wind? Ok - if you don't want to answer that question (party pooper) - what do you think of this shot?


Dead Calm

I took this shot really early in the morning when everything and everybody just seemed so still.

As I strolled along the shore in an area of Mykonos called "Little Venice" (they have the most quaint little Venetian houses that are built up to the water's edge) I was struck by how calm everything was - considering just 6 hours before it had been such a happening night spot...

I think these boats are sitting in Tourlos Bay which dumps out into the Aegean Sea, which dumps out into the Mediterranean. Something like that.

Thoughts on this shot?



I was just so taken with the beauty and the cleanliness of the Island.

When I inquired as to how the homes and structures stay so white - one of the locals informed me that it's because the sea salt and the force of the brisk breezes coming off the Aegean Sea mixed with the sun - help to keep the buildings white.

It's those same brisk breezes that used to run the windmills - when they were operational.

Remember that last scene in "The Bourne Identity", when Jason finds Marie in Mykonos renting out scooters to tourists...??? Take a really good look at this photograph because if I turn up missing one day - you'll know where to find me...

What are your feelings about this photograph?


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lori's Birthday!

Today is my friend Lori's Birthday! It's a special Birthday this year because she and Robert just got married a little over a month it's her first Birthday as a married woman...exciting...

By the way - Lori has posted some of her latest paintings. Check 'em out at I hadn't realized that her work is currently hanging in the Capitol that's impressive...

Happy Birthday Lor Lor!


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Gotham City

Ok - so I finally saw "The Dark Knight" (I know - took me long enough).  I went to see the film with my friend Ilka - she and Bill just got married a couple of weeks ago - so I was glad to spend some time with her; post-wedding...and in "forever-after" bliss!  We went to the "21 and over screening" at the Archlight - which was great because we popped open a bottle of champagne and enjoyed the movie while sipping on some bubbly.  Gotta' love that Archlight!

Although...they won't let you take glass into the theatre (just in case you want to crack someone's head open and/or slit your wrists) so they dump your champagne into a 16oz plastic cup...huh?

Well - seeing that film (which, btw, I loved...) inspired me to post my next set of photos...I can't think of The Bat Man and not think of Manhattan...

Thoughts?  No - not about the champagne!  Thoughts about the photos below...???

Master of My Domain

I took this shot while at the Top of the Rock (30 Rockefeller Plaza). You know - the historic shot of the workers enjoying their lunch while sitting on a steel beam suspended 70 stories above the City...Ok - how 'bout "30 Rock" the television series...

For me this shot is without boundaries or limits. Rockefeller Center was built during the depression (no - not the depression of 2008! The depression of 1929) ...

Rockefeller leased the land in 1928 from Columbia University and the Center was originally intended to house The Metropolitan Opera. But then the depression hit and as a way to reinvigorate the City, Rockefeller went ahead with his plans despite a fallen economy...and in 1930 construction began on the plaza known as Rockefeller Center.

And thanks to its 19 buildings on 22 acres in mid-town Manhattan (over a course of nine years) thousands found work to support themselves and their families.

The title for this shot - I ripped it off from an episode of Seinfeld!

The Hard & Soft of It

Again from the Top of the Rock...

This view is facing that's Central Park and the Upper West Side...

I think the small-looking body of water inside the park is The Lake and the body of water up and to the right is part of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

I'm not sure what bridge that is going over the Hudson River...???

What Empire?

This is the South facing view from Top of the Rock.

I love zoom lenses...The Empire State Building was over 15 blocks away - but it looks like it's right next door.

Over to the left is the East River. I can't tell what bridge that is in the background...could be the Williamsburg Bridge or the Manhattan Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge????

If you figure it out - let me know...

To Top It Off

If I remember correctly - I'm facing South, but looking down...

I actually shot a whole series of these shots - I won't post them all - unless you insist - LOL. But I think you get the idea here...

I was fascinated by all the repetitive shapes and the maze-like appearance of the buildings and the streets below. If you look closely - you can actually see people hailing cabs and greeting each other...

If you notice in this shot and in the shots above - it's not just the people of Manhattan that are "colorful" - but the concrete (the buildings) and the City on a whole is quite colorful...

Thoughts on this piece???