Friday, August 15, 2008

The Artist Formerly Known As...

I took this photograph while in Kalamazoo, MI. I think the title speaks for itself (theoretically)...

Can you tell me two things:
#1 - What do you think it is?
#2 - Do you or don't you like it (and why)?


  1. I love this pic. I could stare at it all day. There is so much going on with light and shadow and color and mood. Among the best that I've seen from you! (-Therese)

  2. i love this photograph. the variance in textures is incredible. what the hell were you doing in kalamazoo? i want to purchase this piece - what to do?
    Melanie T.

  3. your use of light in this photograph is stunning. where you in a castle? it's me - Terry

  4. wow - can you say color? love it!

  5. KK - I'm loving the jewel tones. great use of light and texture. Were you on a tripod? What's your shutter speed out of curiosity???

    I too want to know what you were doing in Kalamazoo, Michigan of all places - do tell??? Were you the only one there - LOL!

    Ummm...I'm not answering your questions. I think it's...not's obviously light casting that great (prince-esque) shadow on the wall. Let's move on to question number two. Yes, I like it! For the color, the texture, the lines, the exposure.

    Keep up the great work.

  6. I like the rich colors but I'm not sure what it is. If I had to guess the best I could come up with is some sort of wall lighting fixture. Though I have no idea of its location or significance. However, the texture is cool and its mood is very bold with its shadows. Perhaps it's more so because of the black background of the blog site but it all just seems to fit the over all theme. It's modern in a old school way. Like hip renaissance.

  7. Aha! Love it! Great composition and cool textures.

  8. Karen~ I gasped when I saw this photo! I don't have all the fancy terms to say what I like about it, but it CAUGHT me. It's just friggin' cool! And having lived NEAR Kalamazoo, MI for many years during my childhood...what's so strange, everyone, about being there? Other than it's KAREN...on second thought...yeah...what was KAREN doing in Kalamazoo? LOL

    LOVE THIS PIC! Kelli D.

  9. Hey KK,

    Well I'm glad everyone is loving this pic or they say they are. Well I have to say I'm not feeling it, grant you the work and angle's that you shot are GREAT! But not enough detail captured in this strange object.
    Which I happen to think it is a chanderlier.
    Chat w/you later
    Love Mom

  10. I think this picture is more dynamic then the other ones. I say this becuase of the colors, textures, and because the mind has a hard time labeling what it is looking at. I think this makes the image alot more interesting. In my time studying art I have found that most people that haven't studied art don't like looking at things they cannot label. But you never know. JT

  11. Karen
    Wonderful colors - soothing -
    were you in an old museum -

  12. Is it an outdoor wall sconce? I really like it! At first,it took me a bit to figure it out. Very creative!

  13. Therese - thanks for the comment. what mood does it put you in?

    Mel - i know - i know - but i really enjoyed myself. i was there for a film festival - the kalamazoo animation festival international! let's talk offline about you purchasing this print.

    Terry - no. not in a castle. thanks for the comment.

    Beth - thanks for the comment.

    Heather - hey there. thank you, thank you. no - not on a tripod. handheld. shutter was 1/15. it's not as crisp as i would have liked, but the speed was slow enough to capture some detail in the shadows without blowing out any highlights.

    Hallway - thanks for the comments. yeah - you got iron wall sconce with embedded jewel toned glass. the light from inside the sconce is throwing the shadow on the wall of the theatre which was textured colored plaster.

    Young Vince - aha! as if i finally nailed it! great. thanks for the comments.

    Kelli D - i miss you. thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. ok - near kalamazoo and in kalamazoo - not quite the same...but i absolutely loved it there. there for a film fest. thanks for the comments.

    Mom - you are really driving a hard bargain lately...LOL. not your cup of tea - huh? chandelier -'s a wall sconce. love you too.

    JT - that may be the case - don't know. thanks for the comments.

    MLC - thanks! old - -no. it was inside of an old movie theatre.

    Kristen - hi! so glad to have you here. you guessed's a wall sconce - but indoors. thanks so much for your comment.

  14. Dear Karen: I love love love so many of these photos, but I found this one particularly compelling - but for reasons I can't really explain! It remains mysterious, yet captivates. Why is that so? The color? The interplay of textures (metal, shadow, that amazing thick clay on the way, glass, and the astonishing light)?

    Or maybe it's just that some people would have seen this as just background, or something to walk past on the way to see a single object or single vision - while you stopped to REALLY see it, and shared this composition as an object of its own.

    I assumed it was something in a church - am I right about that? And yes, I do like it very much.

    Thank you for sharing your work with us! I look forward to visiting the page again and again.

    - ed valentine

  15. I'm a big fan of shadows and patterns and tones. And rust remains one of my favorite tones ever. This photo makes me feel like I'm in a beautiful jail cell run by a really trusting governement and the door's open to let the sunshine in. It's lovely.


  16. Hahahahahaha, I love the title!! Good eye, KK!

    Jessica G.

  17. This is an amazing shot Karen, truly. You have such a great eye for catching incredible imagery! Love it!

  18. Well you know I love this pic. I'd be cheating because I already know what it is! But, I can tell you why I like it: I love the mystery of it. The contrast of the light and shadow and the rich, dark colors. It conveys of a mood of curiousity and trepidation. I like that it's in-between and a little undefineable.


  19. Ed - i'm not sure why it draws you in - but i'm sure glad that it does. this piece has so much movement for me - that's why i'm drawn in. - that's a great guess! it was the inside of an old movie theatre...

    Pomegran8 - see what I mean? a totally different take...I love that!

    Jessica G - hi there. thanks for the you think prince would approve??? Ha!

    Robert - thank you, thank you! imagery...thank you!

    Amber - is this one of the ones you have hanging in your home? that's exactly what i liked about it...that it's somewhat undefineable. thanks for the comments.

  20. I'll have to join the pack on this one.... it's gotta vibe. What more do you a want from an image than for it to make you feel something and give your eyes plenty of candy to keep staring. I think some of your most interesting pieces so far are really rich textually and tonally.

  21. I really like this picture Karen. The colors projected on the wall look like the sky at sunset. I love the way they highlight the wall's texture. It's now my desktop background.

  22. Hi Karen,
    I was fascinated by this image... the light, the colors, the little details... I truly had no idea what I was looking at and thought I would try and guess but ended up reading the other comments and obviously found out what this was. A definite conversation piece for me!


  23. Kamali - great comment...thanks for the feedback on the more interesting pieces.

    Carlos - love the fact that this is now your desktop bg...

    Smrithi - thank you so much. i would love to chat with you about this piece in greater detail when you have the time.


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