Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back From Palm Springs!

Ok - so it wasn't 122 degrees...I think the hottest it got was only 107 degrees...but it was still hot - especially when it's still 98 degrees at 10:30pm - yikes!!!

Had a great time watching films and even took a break at one point to ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

I'll have more photos to share from my Palm Springs trip in the next couple of days...


  1. Something about this shot (perhaps the cool blue tone in the background) makes me feel like it's actually cool and breezy outside. Nice.

  2. HEY kk
    I simply love being back fr. Palm Springs.
    I love the night affect hitting the Palm, it reminds me of a fire cracker.
    You are the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!
    Love ya

  3. Love the blue, really brings out the detail and color of the palm. Great shot!

    I've ridden tramway a couple of times, pretty trippy, but a way cool ride.

    Matt M or B

  4. was this really at night? wow - the sky looks so intense. love the green/blue (almost purple) combo. nice shot.


  5. This pic is electric.... it almost looks like the palm as an aura. Did you use flash or was this all practical light? I've always believed tree have personalities but I think u actually capture that here.


  6. I agree this looks like some sort of fireworks. It's not just the palm leaves but the glow of the subject matter against the dark sky. by the way, do you ever sleep?

  7. Hi Karen,
    Such a fabulous shot of of a palm tree.. the light, the colors... perfect! I will never look at another palm tree the same after seeing this one!

    Hope the PSFF was a success for you!


  8. loving the light in this shot! someone said "electric" - absolutely...

    the sky is electric and alive. this shot is also somewhat abstract. i had to take a second look before realizing it was a palm tree.


  9. dynamite - this shot is great! i agree with another comment - it completely looks like fireworks lighting up the night sky.

    Melanie T.

  10. KK, Your photos never cease to amaze me! Every shot beautifully captures a sense of being there and being able to feel the drama. Love them all and most of all love your energy.


  11. terry - mabye the analogous colors have something to do with it.

    mom - as per your request i'll send you a print of this one.

    matt m or b - that's hysterical (m or b). yeah...it was certainly an interesting 15 minute ride up the mountain.

    heather - yeah...it was really at night. granted according to my metadata it was only 8:01pm.

    kamali - a palm with an aura...i love it. leave it to me to capture it. nope - didn't use a flash - just a wide aperature and a long shutter.

    hallway - i love the fact that this palm has become abstract and looks like fireworks to some. yes - trust me...i sleep plenty! LOL

    smrithi - the psff was a huge success.

    beth - i had no idea this shot would be taken as abstract. the electric palm - loving it.

    melanie t - dynamite and fireworks - what a combination! LOL

    linda - can you feel the heat too? thank you for your kind words.

    Thanks to everyone for all of your great comments - much appreciated.


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