Sunday, August 10, 2008


I was just so taken with the beauty and the cleanliness of the Island.

When I inquired as to how the homes and structures stay so white - one of the locals informed me that it's because the sea salt and the force of the brisk breezes coming off the Aegean Sea mixed with the sun - help to keep the buildings white.

It's those same brisk breezes that used to run the windmills - when they were operational.

Remember that last scene in "The Bourne Identity", when Jason finds Marie in Mykonos renting out scooters to tourists...??? Take a really good look at this photograph because if I turn up missing one day - you'll know where to find me...

What are your feelings about this photograph?



  1. No doubt very beautiful and alluring. I can see how such a place is tempting with that villa invite. It's funny how people generally find tropical places appealing for their ultimate get away. This may sound strange but my vanishing point would be some place remote like Antarctica. I know maybe a little different. However, I like this photo because it lacks details and yet it tells you a lot. Go figure!

  2. Hey KK

    Bleached, is simply stunning. I had to enlarge this shot to appreciate the scene. I think I saw a temple to the right toward the bottom.
    You are right it is so pure & white.
    I love the story behind the scene.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. These photos are gorgeous. I love Dead Calm, but they're all beautiful. Your colors are so vivid and alive.

  4. Karen,

    I really enjoy your take on Greece. Reading your comments and looking at your pictures give me a different perspective of the trip. I think this should be included on your website.


  5. I like this photo because it is such a quintessential picture of Greece, yet unique. It captures the structure of Greek living - as the homes are built right into the hillsides, humans and nature co-existing. And of coures the stark white color of buildings always grabs the eye especially against the rust color of the land and the dark blue of the ocean.

    It's not a dynamic picture but it definitely captures the quaintness of Greek living.

  6. hallway - you better bring a parka!

    mom - yes...the building with the red dome is a temple.

    lor lor - thanks for the comments.

    lora - coming from you - that's great news...considering you were right there with me. website it is!

    amber - thanks for the insight...


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