Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dead Calm

I took this shot really early in the morning when everything and everybody just seemed so still.

As I strolled along the shore in an area of Mykonos called "Little Venice" (they have the most quaint little Venetian houses that are built up to the water's edge) I was struck by how calm everything was - considering just 6 hours before it had been such a happening night spot...

I think these boats are sitting in Tourlos Bay which dumps out into the Aegean Sea, which dumps out into the Mediterranean. Something like that.

Thoughts on this shot?



  1. There's nothing more intrinsically male than a port with boats. I don't care who you are, it's like something we all just understand. I've never been there but i can tell you what it sounds like and how it smells.

    So nice to feel that today.

  2. Hey Karen.
    Here again you managed to captured a mountainside and it's surrounding's, but the name fit's the scene Dead Calm, not a favorite.

  3. This photo looks like chaos to me. too many things fighting with each other. would have been great to let some of the "noise" bleed into the background and have 1 item stand out. i almost feel like i was there while it was a happening night spot and thought everything looked great!! and when i sobered up everything looked like this...pure chaos!!


  4. markus - i think this is a guy's guy photo - the ladies aren't too impressed...thanks for the comment

    mom - not into dead calm are you?

    berri - stop drinking! LOL


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