Sunday, August 10, 2008

Going Green

I think the windmills of Mykonos are probably one of the most recognized landmarks of the Island. There are actually about five windmills in this particular area of the Island, but I've only captured four in this shot.

Here is another shot of the windmills that I found online.

Ok - I'm just kidding...I purposely chose a site that didn't have a good shot just to make my shot look better...! LOL. Seriously - here is another shot of the windmills.

I'm not all that familiar with the history of the windmills - but if you're interested - check it out.

Thoughts on this photograph?



  1. This shot is great (and definitely my favorite of these 4)... Most importantly, these windmills just don't spook me out as much as those on the way to Palm Springs! I love the look of all these Greece shots... takes me back to all those wonderful soundstage shots juxtaposed w/the location shots in Mama Mia!

  2. Can sky and water and life really be in those colors?

    Windmills? Where? I just see a place that isn't like anything I see every day here.


  3. I like the four Mykonos shots but I think my favorite is Three Sheets to the Wind because it is the least postcard-like shot of them all and seems to be about expressing a viewpoint more than capturing an image.

  4. Hi Karen,
    I finally have the chance to check out your blog again since the little one is sleeping right now! It really is entertaining to read your blog because I love the descriptions for each entry and photograph and how you came to take these shots. Of the four shots, my favorites are the windmills and three sheets to the wind.. if I had to select the best one.. for me it is three sheets to the wind... very unusual and I feel like I can see the sheets blowing in the wind! Fantastic... we need to head to Greece for sure!


  5. Hey KK

    Once again you managed to capture a landscape & all it's true coloring and beauty.
    It is simply stunning.
    Telling the story again makes one feel that there are actually present.
    Love You

  6. This is beautiful! You've captured motion with an amazing peacefulness that makes me feel like I'm there. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Karen,

    You are such a talented photographer. I prefer your shot of the windmills both of the shots you gave as a comparison.

    Lora (Roomy)

  8. just beautiful...and a genius must have come up with the name...i wonder who that was??

    waiting for my credit!! i am the baby sister after all!!


  9. robert - i thought it was just me. those palm springs windmills look soooo creepy to me. especially at night. thanks for the comments - glad you like the look of was mama mia?

    markus - i think the answer is yes...when it's not mired down with tons of smog! glad you like the pic.

    young vince - ahhhh, young vince...yes that's the thing...the viewpoint. i totally get it (and definitely need it or one). love the comment about not looking like a postcard. i could see where that might be the "boring" factor with the others...thanks.

    smrithi - you, me and the little one...let's go! glad you got a chance to stop by. thanks for the comments.

    mom - glad you like this one. i like telling the stories (smrithi likes them too) although I'm sure most don't have time to read them...but i'll probably keep telling 'em. thanks for the comments. love you too.

    niki t - hey there beautiful...thanks for the comments. i'm glad you got a chance to stop by - come back!

    lora - you're such a great travel companion - thanks for saying that! I'm wanting to go to ireland next year - whadaya' say?

    berri - you can have all the credit in the world! baby sister's right of you

  10. You really have such an incredible eye. I keep saying that, but it's true. I think this is definitely a sales piece in the next gallery show!

  11. Vicki MT - it's great to hear from you! thank you, thank you for your comments. i certainly hope you're right. the next showing is in Feb '09...


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