Saturday, August 2, 2008

Gotham City

Ok - so I finally saw "The Dark Knight" (I know - took me long enough).  I went to see the film with my friend Ilka - she and Bill just got married a couple of weeks ago - so I was glad to spend some time with her; post-wedding...and in "forever-after" bliss!  We went to the "21 and over screening" at the Archlight - which was great because we popped open a bottle of champagne and enjoyed the movie while sipping on some bubbly.  Gotta' love that Archlight!

Although...they won't let you take glass into the theatre (just in case you want to crack someone's head open and/or slit your wrists) so they dump your champagne into a 16oz plastic cup...huh?

Well - seeing that film (which, btw, I loved...) inspired me to post my next set of photos...I can't think of The Bat Man and not think of Manhattan...

Thoughts?  No - not about the champagne!  Thoughts about the photos below...???


  1. You certainly have the knack. NY looks so clean and so bright and yeah, like end of the world endless...

    However, I take issue with you short review of the Dark Knight. Didn't love it at all.

    That should get folks commenting on my comments!

  2. I absolutely love "The Hard and Soft of It" Karen. It's oddly soothing :)

  3. Ok, this is my first blog ever and I chose to jump in with this photo because I first saw it when you hung it in the Nickelodeon gallery. Oh wait sorry it was I who actually hung it or at least something extremely similar. Anyway, it's one of my favorite of yours. I think what really gets me is there is as much sky in this photograph as land and I really like urban landscapes with plenty of sky because of the contrast between openess of the sky above and close concrete living space most urban settings offer. I believe perhaps this is why your photo makes NY so clean and inviting. Also, I too saw the Dark Knight and really liked the movie however just a note it was part of Chicago that doubled as Gotham City. Look at it again and you'll see the Chicago river, "lower" Wacker Ave. and the Golden Mile in the background. Well that's it, blog you the next time I'm inspired.

  4. first blog-I hate computers by the way-#1 & #3 the strongest ones-I had a nice critique going but I lost it because computers hate me.
    Dark Knight was still far better than Spiderman not to mention the last 3 Batman movies
    Maggie Gylenhall looked old, and she's not.
    Two face is not supposed to die.
    And what was that stupid voice Christian Bale was doin' - ayayai!
    Heath Ledger was brilliant and plenty of things blew up needlessly-still better than most movies-how sad is that.
    and the guy in the scarecrow mask is a character from Batman-did I mention my son, who is now 20 has been obsessed with Batman and the Xmen since he was 5. (now all that useless information is making sense) - PB

  5. Markus - thanks for the comments. Yeah - I was actually hoping your short take vs. my short take on "The Dark Knight" would open the door to a slew of comments. Oh well - I guess we'll just have to discuss it over coffee...when are you free?

    Fulanita - thank you! Oddly soothing - I like that...

    Hallway - first off - great ID for you - "Hallway" - perfect...secondly - thanks for the comments - yes this is the very same one you hung. Lastly -'re correct - generally Christopher Nolan's take always reflect Gotham City of that as Chicago...but keep in mind that film adaptations of Batman have varied - take for instance Tim Burton's versions...they have Gotham City depicted as should definitely blog again - you're good at!

    Patti - I love the fact that you went into battle (no pun intended) with your computer to post your comments. Thank you..."a nice critique..." I would still definitely be interested in hearing your have such a good eye...

    Yeah...what's up with Maggie Gylenhall...what happened to Katie...was she not "allowed" to do the sequel? Hello!? I hear 'ya...I said the exact same thing...Two Face was definitely NOT supposed to die...! Maybe he didn't really...LOL. CB was definitely doing some funky stuff with his voice but I also read an article that said his voice was also modulated on top of him taking it down a couple of octaves - huh? Not sure about that choice...glad to see you on my blog - do come again.


  6. I think the rule about taking glass into the theater probably started with the screening of "Last Days".

    That movie made me want to slit my wrist AND crack somone over the head.

    Alas, Gus Van Zant was not in attendance.

    Now I'll go look at the pics. :)


  7. Breathtaking.

    I agree with the "hard and soft" comment someone else posted.

    You definitely have a talent for cityscapes. I think these are my favorite of all your photos so far. I love images that contrast on as many levels as possible, and one of my favorite contrasts is the calm, open magnitude of nature against the frantic, condensed magnitude of a metroplitan area.

    "What Empire" is my favorite so far. PLEASE keep them coming!

  8. thanks patricia...I'm working on it...!


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