Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Hard & Soft of It

Again from the Top of the Rock...

This view is facing that's Central Park and the Upper West Side...

I think the small-looking body of water inside the park is The Lake and the body of water up and to the right is part of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.

I'm not sure what bridge that is going over the Hudson River...???


  1. I love this shot... gives a wonderful perspective on how diverse a place NYC truly is... CityScrapes, lush park, and waterways. Incredibly beautiful.

  2. The Hard & Soft, I think I posted my remarks else where. Okay I loved it. The coloring is great, I think that is the Tappan Zee bridge, let me know if I'm right.

  3. i think it's the GW...the george washington bridge for you non east coasters!!


  4. Robert - Thanks! When I think of Manhattan - I always seem to only think of the concrete...this shots reminds me that there's more to the Island than just tall buildings...

    Mommy - thanks for the comments - ok...I did some more investigating...from this perspective we can't see the Tappan Zee because it's further north (around that ridge in the upper left of the photo. It's actually the George Washington Bridge and on the Jersey side - that's the Fort Lee Historic Park. Wow - who knew? Love you.

    Berri - the GW it is!


  5. Whew. This is a must post for your website. Beautiful perspective.


  6. OK, never having been to NY--yes, I'm the ONE PERSON--this shot gives me a new perspective. It's not like anything I've seen of NY. The title--A+ It defines your photo.

  7. OOPS! Forgot to sign my name--It's me, Rachel.

  8. Lora - website it is. it's one of my favorites too. its great to hear from you...

    Rach - no worries - I've never been to Snoqualmie...we're even! miss you.

  9. Love this - especially because I can see my old block here! I used to walk across Central Park daily back in my teaching days, and I was so close to it that it was my backyard when I lived in NYC. And yes, it's the GW Bridge, which lights up beautifully at night. The city is so big, but it looks so small and fragile in this photo. And so far away!

    -ed valentine

  10. Ed - are you serious - your old block? that's great - a sense of home for you...a night shot from this same angle might be interesting - just to see the GW all lit up. thanks for your comments.


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