Monday, August 18, 2008

Home Again

35,000 feet in the air!
Traveling back to LA from Jersey...
This shot somewhat breaks the rule of thirds (with the horizon going almost right through the middle of the frame)...But I'm ok with that! How 'bout you?


  1. Hi, Karen!

    I wouldn't have realized that the photo broke the rule of 3rds, if you hadn't mentioned it... I'm always intrigued on planes by the illusion you capture here so well: the moment when I can't tell for sure where the cloud layers end and the world or the water begins. What colors you got here! I don't think I've ever seen colors like this from a plane window. Glad you were able to capture them. Just lovely.

    - ed valentine

  2. Again, my love of rust and the many tonal incarnations surrounding it draw me in to this. Plus the gray on either side of the frame add texture. It's cool. I like.

  3. Serene. Looks like it could be the ocean. This is a beautiful shot.

  4. Okay, I didn't know about the rule of thirds but it's interesting in that there's also a comedy rule of three [deep thoughts by Vince Jordan].

    Funny, I didn't immediately recognize this as an airplane shot but sort of thought of it as a 'standing on top of a mountain' shot.

    Yeah, I'm quite cool with it too.

  5. We've all seen a million pictures of sunsets, but what I like about this picture is the deep, rich colors you captured. You never usually see a sunset this dark and "murky". Even if I can't really tell where the ground is I still get the sense of that infinite space; overwhelming and beautiful. I'm amazed you didn't get any glare!

  6. The pic of you at 5 is just dynamite. I'm not so taken with the painting on the wall as the stereo cabinet. What a gorgeous piece of americana. Those cabs are timeless for me.

    Has anyone else commented on how your spirit hasn't changed since you were 5?


  7. love, the color, love the title, wanna know what's at the end...


  8. Very lovely and very interesting that you took this picture from the plane without getting weird window reflections.
    I think you are going to forget all about us when you get famous...

  9. Hey KK,

    I'm loving it," Home Again".
    You have captured all the peace and true color of the heavens. Great shot fr. a plane.


  10. Ed - yeah...i took the shot and sometimes i need to look at it really closely to see the mountains. coming back from the east - you've got to sit on the right side of the plane to catch this kind of color...thanks for yoru comments.

    Pomegran8 - this was definitely your week with all the rust! thanks for your comments.

    Lor Lor - thank you! i actually was feeling quite serene when i took it.

    Young Vince - really? i didn't know that about comedy. interesting. thanks for the comment.

    Amber - thanks for the comments. generally the clouds and/or smog will act as a diffuser of light and i think that helped with capturing the color. the murkiness is coming from the fact that i used such a high ISO and it's actually "noise" but we'll pretend that's exactly what i was after :-) no flash - no glare!

    Markus - you're the best! no one but you has commented on the pic of me at 5 years old...truth be told - i look at that picture and am taken right back to that age. the ice cream truck used to come by and i'd always get the orange cream sicle. yes - her spirit is still alive and kicking :-) thanks for the comment.

    Ilka - it's great to hear from you! yeah - i hear 'ya...what's at the end??? thanks for the comments.

    Vicki MT - how could i ever forget about you?! no flash so no reflections. it was dark on the plane anyway because the movie was on...i'm sure my seat neighbor was wondering what the heck i was doing!

    Mommy - thank you, thank you! i thought you would really like this one. love you.

  11. I love the friendly skies... amazingly this looks more like you are on a mountain top than in a plane. Which is good... it feels like a God view. I think the mountains help give perspective. the horizon in the middle works symbolically for me, it draws your eye to the infinity that joins heaven and earth.

  12. You're right! I thought I liked this shot, but I can't even look at it now that I realize it breaks the rule of thirds... SO kidding. It's soothing and fiery. The more I stare at it, the more it feels like something amazing is getting ready to explode out from behind the clouds.

  13. THis is a fantastic shot Karen and I would have never known this was taken from an airplane if you hadn't mentioned it or if I didn't look too closely. Since I sleep all the time on a place.. I have never really seen a vision like this one... amazing!


  14. Kamali - i love it...reminds me of the United slogan...thank you!

    Carlos - LOL. that's hysterical...great's fiery - with explosions from behind the clouds - very "active" those comments.

    Smrithi - i only wish i could sleep on plane rides...way too controlling - but i'm getting better. i've never caught this sunset heading out east - only when coming back west...

  15. I like the brilliance of the golden color streaking across the center of the image. This photo is almost monochromatic which is why I think the color break in the center of the layout works.


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