Saturday, August 2, 2008

Master of My Domain

I took this shot while at the Top of the Rock (30 Rockefeller Plaza). You know - the historic shot of the workers enjoying their lunch while sitting on a steel beam suspended 70 stories above the City...Ok - how 'bout "30 Rock" the television series...

For me this shot is without boundaries or limits. Rockefeller Center was built during the depression (no - not the depression of 2008! The depression of 1929) ...

Rockefeller leased the land in 1928 from Columbia University and the Center was originally intended to house The Metropolitan Opera. But then the depression hit and as a way to reinvigorate the City, Rockefeller went ahead with his plans despite a fallen economy...and in 1930 construction began on the plaza known as Rockefeller Center.

And thanks to its 19 buildings on 22 acres in mid-town Manhattan (over a course of nine years) thousands found work to support themselves and their families.

The title for this shot - I ripped it off from an episode of Seinfeld!


  1. This is my favorite of this set. I love the blue sky and clouds that cover NY. Sorta makes you feel that someone is watching out for the area as well.

  2. I like the expansiveness of this shot although I want to see the base of these building while also getting all of the sky. There's something that feels incomplete w/out seeing these building in the forefront in their entirety.

  3. my only question about the NY photos would be - when are you going to make a coffee table book? These are amazing and something everyone would love to just look at over and over. Seriously, your NY set needs to be distinguished from your other photos because they provoke such a deep sentiment and stirke great feelings. Coffee Table BOOK!!

  4. Master of My Domain is brilliant work it looks as though you are flying away fr. the city and passing the clouds in a hurry.
    Love Mommy

  5. These are a great take on my hometown.... I've seen quite a bit of NYC but I never saw it from this perspective or "The Hard & Soft of It" either I love the composition in these. I'm used to seeing skyscrapers look impressive. But your composition in these actually melds them into the nature around them, like they belong there. I like that a lot being a city girl that's turning country. Puts it all into perspective ; )

  6. i am really diggin' all of these. lovin' the sky!

  7. I spent years pretending to pay attention in architecture school and got more schooling about Rock Center in two paragraphs than I did in all of those academic years combined. Hmmm...

    Never been to the Top of the Rock and love the shot. I think the inverted horizon of the sky is what really makes the composition work for me.

    Very nice KK, very nice indeed...

  8. The Food Librarian - thanks for the comment...of the ones here - I think it's my favorite as well...I'm a sucker for natural saturation. This shot is actually one of the things I miss most about the East coast...crisp, clean, clear (meaning no smog) skies. You're right - it does feel quite serene...

    Robert - thanks for the comment. You may get your wish (seeing the base of the buildings) - I think I may post a few other shots I have...

    Richie - i'm feelin' you...a coffee table book - huh? Don't get me started on yet another project...I love, love, love that idea - I'm all over it...somebody stop me!

    Mommy - thanks for the comment - you're right - I never looked at it that way - but I do feel like I'm soaring way above the you.

    Kamali - thanks for the comments. Don't you just miss the City? Wait - country girl??? Remember what Carrie said - " girls and city girls are all the girls are just better dressed..."

    Christina - thanks!

    Young Vince - ok everytime I say and/or type "Young Vince"...I just start crackin' up...I need to know the origin of that? Thanks for the's interesting because I too am learning so much, I thought everyone should share in the benefits of my Type-A personality.


  9. This shot is great, it gives me a sense of Heaven and earth as well as leaving me with thoughts of travel. It almost places me in the photographers shoes and makes me want to visit the site in person. Great work!!!

    Lori's Robert...

  10. Wow,

    your perspective on this one is great. Just enough sky. I felt like I was flying just above the building. Brillant.


  11. Lori's Robert - Heaven and Earth...perhaps that should have been my title - I like it...!

    Lora - like superman, batman or spiderman? thanks for the comment.


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