Monday, September 1, 2008


This shot reminds me of something from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Very magical...

I went on a weekend retreat at Camp Getaway and had a great time wandering around the Barton Flats area of the San Bernardino National Forest to see what trouble I could get into...At an elevation of 6,800 feet, the camp is surrounded by a forest of towering pines, cedars and oaks – absolutely stunning!

Tons of bark was strewn around on the forest floor and one piece in particular struck me as beautiful (in a creepy kinda' way). When my friend held it up - I noticed it had a hole in it. What an interesting way to view the forest - through a hole in a piece of bark...


  1. Hey KK,
    I also see the chronicles, but 3:45am in the morning, what's up with that?

    Love the mysterious, foggy affect.
    Love Mommy

  2. Wow - unbelievable KK that you were able to capture this shot through a hole in a tree bark!

    It may sound a bit crazy, but what I liked about this photo is that it makes me feel child-like with a sense of adventure and mystery of not knowing what is ahead. Sort of looking through a scope.

    BTW - I think I may be the only one who hasn't seen Narnia!


  3. Karen - I didn't think of Narnia - - - -I went to "Blair Witch" country! There's something fabulously threatening about the photo of trees as seen as if through a target. And your story of how you took it - through a hole (bullet hole?) in a log - is even more unsettling! (That's a good thing. I like unsettling more than some people expect.)

    Anyway, great work, great imagery, as ever!

    Ed Valentine

  4. Hey, it's Ilka.
    I just read an article about Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" and then I saw your pictures! What a coincident! The first one is sooo "Blair-Witch-Project", the second one looks like burned flesh!

  5. Tell us more about the actual camp, the website looks like it's all women!!

    -- Shannon the frog

  6. Hi Karen,
    This was pretty amazing... very eerie and so cool that you took this through a hole in the bark that you found. The bark on the other hand does look creepy and reminds me of a burnt piece of meat... like shortribs or something:)

    As usual.. great work. I need to hire you to take pictures of Riya!


  7. I LOVE this photo. I don't know if it's the view thru the bark or what but it does feel very otherwoldly (I'm thinking more Lord of the Rings than Narnia :-) a sprite or an elf might peek around the tree trunk at any moment and catch your eye and then be gone in a twinkling.....


  8. Favorite time of the year is when the trees turn and seasons actually exist. So yes, I like the top image. I like it best when you do not reveal what or how you shot it. It's much more mystical that way. I'm struggling with the pull back shot of the bark especially with your thumb in the picture. Stay out of my reverie!

  9. mom - i know (about 3:45am) i'm obsessed with the blog!

    linda - what you described is exactly what i thought of when i mentioned The Chronicles of Narnia.

    ed - oooohhhh Blair Witch - that's a good one too...kinda' spooky in a it.

    ilka - i've got to check out "The Road" - thanks for sharing that. totally like burned flesh - right?

    shannon the frog - i love that "shannon the frog"...! yes -you're right...the campsite is for women only. i'm going to do a post on it because i have some other photos from there that i'd like to share.

    smrithi - i can smell the shortribs from here...yum! whenever you're ready - i'm ready to capture the beauty that is Riya!

    beenie - great comment- yes! i can see Lord of the Rings...if i looked at this picture and saw an elf stick its head from around that tree i'd totally freak out.

    hallway - i get like a little air of for the bark - i only put it in the post as a point of reference...that's actually sylvia's thumb - not mine. she was kind enough to hold it up so i could shoot through it - thanks sylvia!

    Everyone - thanks for your comments. they are much appreciated. what's really cool is hearing what this image made you think of...Blair Witch, The Lord of the Rings - way cool...

  10. I LOVE this image and Chronicles of Narnia is right. I might crop it a little smaller [on the left and right] so that the trees take up more of the composition [I love using that word because it reminds me of the time I was in a wood-paneled lecture hall at Yale musing about the jolly good times of Keats and Yeats...but I digress].

  11. vinnie - is that you? yale - probably are hysterical! do you not think the blackness and/or negative space surrounding the hole adds to the mystery? hmmmm...i think i'm going to take a look at this image cropped and see if it does anything for the image. thanks!

  12. I can see the reference to Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings, but actually I'll have to agree with some other people that it leans more toward the creepy side for me (maybe I just like creepy stuff!). I think I feel this way because the branches of the trees are pretty bare and they kind of hang down like arms. I feel like I might see Sasquatch!

    I like the "keyhole" effect, it really adds mystery and a bit of tension to the photograph becaue you can't see what is in the peripheral.


  13. So very creative! The first shot obviously looks like it's through some sort of porthole, but I know it can't be because it's on the ground. The "Narnia" shot is amazing. It looks like a shot from the movie "The Illusionist" which I love watching. The tree bark at first reminded me of a crunchy piece of bacon. I love how creative the mind can be once it's given permission.


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