Sunday, August 10, 2008

Three Sheets to The Wind!

When I took this photo, I had never heard of the phrase "three sheets to the wind"! Now mind you - I've been "three sheets to the wind"...but I usually just call it tipsy (now) and drunk (back then) - whenever "then" was...LOL

When I arrived at the lab to pick up my prints - the lab technician said this was one of his favorite shots because it reminded him of that phrase - so I decided to use it as the title for this piece...

This shot was taken while walking the back streets of Mykonos and as usual (while on vacation) - I wandered off in some unknown direction (read: I was lost)...but it wasn't my fault this time. The streets were (back in the day) purposely constructed like a maze to help foil would-be attackers by confounding them and enabling villagers to maneuver them into ambush (or so I was told by a local).

There was a wall here and I climbed up on the wall (holding on to the side of someone's house) to get this shot.

When was the last time you've been three sheets to the wind? Ok - if you don't want to answer that question (party pooper) - what do you think of this shot?



  1. KK
    Well I must say, well sorry to say this is not one of my favorites.
    Not that you didn't do a great job in your photography.
    Love mommy

  2. Well, it's also not my favorite - I think from a different angle it could be a great image, but it's really busy, and there's not much balance of color, subject, or contrast.

    but I like that it's three sheets to the wind.

    Did you know that phrase was an old sailor's measure of drunkenness? It came about because the sailing ships had three sails, or sheets.The sails were tough to tie down and keep in a position where they were catching wind and moving the vessel, and a drunk sailor couldn't keep it together enough to hold onto the sails - as a result, they would go flapping in the wind.

    A tipsy sailor would let one sheet go to the wind, but when he was stumbling drunk, he'd lose hold of all three.

    Hence, three sheets to the wind.

    I am full of useless trivia.


  3. mom - you're a hard sell keep me on my game - love that.

    patricia - what if i had focused on the sheets and had a shallower depth of field...everything else in the bg would have dropped off??? especially considering the title - would have really given more emphasis...nice comment

    yes - came to find out the meaning of that phrase. there's a link to the definition in the post.


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