Saturday, August 2, 2008

To Top It Off

If I remember correctly - I'm facing South, but looking down...

I actually shot a whole series of these shots - I won't post them all - unless you insist - LOL. But I think you get the idea here...

I was fascinated by all the repetitive shapes and the maze-like appearance of the buildings and the streets below. If you look closely - you can actually see people hailing cabs and greeting each other...

If you notice in this shot and in the shots above - it's not just the people of Manhattan that are "colorful" - but the concrete (the buildings) and the City on a whole is quite colorful...

Thoughts on this piece???


  1. This really shows how densely developed parts of the city is, yet how much space there truly is because of design and architecture. When you think about all the variations in these buildings, it's truly amazing.

  2. I loved how you captured the diffrent sizes and shapes of the City. The Hard & Soft shot I think is the Tappan Zee Bridge, let me know if I'm right.
    Love Mommy

  3. Here again I had to get my magnifying glasses I don't see and people chatting and waving down cab's(smile). I love it even though I'm not a big NYC fan you bring it all to life in your photo shots. I knew you had some of my talent I didn't know which ones.
    Keep up the GREAT work.

  4. Robert - I agree. The design and architecture of the Island is truly incredible. I just don't know how the Island stays afloat...LOL

    Mommy - You best believe I have some of your you know...thanks for the great comments...Love you...


  5. It remindes me of those children's games where you have to fit the pegs in the right holes and you can stack the blocks on top of each other.


  6. Amber -nice visual. I see it!


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