Saturday, August 2, 2008

What Empire?

This is the South facing view from Top of the Rock.

I love zoom lenses...The Empire State Building was over 15 blocks away - but it looks like it's right next door.

Over to the left is the East River. I can't tell what bridge that is in the background...could be the Williamsburg Bridge or the Manhattan Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge????

If you figure it out - let me know...


  1. This is a great shot too...NYC looks so amazing with a cloudy skyline. The perspective of the rest of the city in the background set to the grandness of the Empire State building makes the rest of the city feel so insignificant. Really a great shot.

  2. verrazano...i could be completely wrong about all of these!! LOL


  3. this would normally be a so-so shot for me, but i actually really really like this! great sky. what lens did you use for this?

  4. Robert - thanks for the comment. I know - the Empire State Building looks huge...I think it's just the way I isolated the shot - because to the right are some other taller buildings...weird - huh?

    Berri - you think? We're facing the right direction (South) - I guess it could be...just surprising to be able to see the Verrazano from here (there)...good you.

    Christina - thanks for the comment. The sky really came out differently in all of these shots that day. This shot was actually taken about 20 minutes after I took "Master of My Domain" - yet the colors are so much less intense in this shot. Believe it or not - I used my 17-85mm IS USM 4-5.6. I was racked all the way out with a shutter of 1/400 at f/14.0. I wanted somewhat of a long depth of field - but not too much in order to make sure I kept the focus on the Empire. On "Master of My Domain" I was all the way wide at 17mm with a bit of a slower shutter which is why I think I got more saturation. If I had to do it over again - I'd leave the shutter open longer on this one because I actually would have liked more saturation in the sky.


  5. Great depth as well as highs and lows while keeping a focal point of your subject, again it leaves the viewer with places to go...

    Lori's Robert...

  6. I can easily see these hanging in a prestigious New York office building. The depth and perspective that each photo has is incredible. I wish I had some important NY contacts - my brother may be of some help. I'm passing your site on to him.

  7. I really like the perspective of this shot. The Empire State Building in the foreground looms right in front but you can still see that there are a million other buildings that are just as majestic and unique in the background. Seeing the water definitely makes it seem like a floating city too. And the clouds add surrealness to the photo with the contrast of the soft beauty of nature (blue sky/ clouds) and the harder edged beauty of the buidlings.


  8. Lori's Robert - it's so good to get a comment from you...thank you, thank you..

    Lor Lor - i'm totally down for that! thank you!!

    Amber - yeah...a floating city...hmmm...manhattan is definitely grand - i love it!


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