Sunday, September 7, 2008

Apocalypse Now II?

Thank you all for your wonderful guesses... From a tank, to a diner, to a train and an above water submarine...somebody said "junked boat" - that was close... An abandoned plane? No... An abandoned ship? No... The abandoned trailer was close too... Well - here it was an abandoned van that was left out in the middle of nowhere off Route 66.

As you can see...the thing has been totally junked...I couldn't even begin to identify the make and model of the vehicle - but I thought it was darn interesting and decided to climb in for a look/photo out the back/side window.

You can see the oval window in the photo on the right (towards the back of the van)...that's the oval window in Apocalypse Now?

Who is this person that spray painted "I AM NAPOLEAN" on the side of this van and did they really mean "I AM NAPOLEON"? I wonder...


  1. Hey Karen,

    Should have guessed, a junked van or time capsule! It must have been left by some free-spirited travelers going cross country to see the world!!!!


  2. Wow.. pretty amazing! I don't see a lot of vans with oval windows... very cool! And I am sure the person who spray painted on the van thinks or wants to be Napolean:)


  3. Hey KK,
    Never would have thought of that, back in the day the volkswagon van had oval windows, maybe it's was a VW.
    Lova Mommy

  4. Cool shot!! I would have been afraid to step in there...might collapse! Oval window reminds me of the A-TEAM truck...but if it's a VW than I say it's Scooby Scooby Doo...Where are you??

  5. I'm a-diggin these 'vans in the wilderness' shots.


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