Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Camp GetAway

I mentioned Camp GetAway in a post a couple of days ago and "Shannon the Frog" asked me to talk a little bit more about my experience there...

Loved it!

Camp GetAway is a weekend retreat for mothers and others (or as I like to put it - overstressed women). I'm not a mother - so I'm one of the "others" - but I gotta' tell 'ya...I absolutely, positively enjoyed every moment of it. I even made it onto their website - you can check me out by clicking here. I'm top row middle - with the big cheesy grin on my face!

We sang karaoke, went hiking, ate, played games, watched "chick flicks", sang songs, ate some more, did some arts & crafts, they gave away door prizes, we drank, ate some more, got spa treatments, did some yoga and learned how to dance... You could do all of those things or nothing at all - totally up to you.

The camp is run by Patti Londre (better know as The Fearless Leader) and I don't know how she keeps it all together - but somehow she does...

If you've got a free weekend and you need a break...go for it - you'll be glad you did!



  1. Ahhhhh - good 'ole fashion relaxation. I may have to check this place out. Thank you for the info.


  2. I like that picture of you and Monique. I can see why the chose that picture for the website: both of you are very animated. Cute!



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