Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Monday

I just got back from Robert and Jill's wedding in Santa Fe...had a fabulous time! I'll post some pics from their wedding later on this week.

While walking through the center of Santa Fe, I came across this really lovely courtyard's a sunflower that was still in bloom.

What did YOU do this weekend? Do tell....


  1. great photos! we celebrated emily's 19th birthday at helen's house! it was fun and great to see all the gals.

  2. just got a chance to catch up on your blog. scrolling through the last 7 or so entries...I love all your pics. there is a lot of life in each of them (even the inatimate objects have life). love it - therese

  3. Karen! Lovely, lovely sunflower. Great colors and contrast.

    Since you asked about our big weekend achievements: mine was... I cleaned my apartment! Exciting times. :)

    Please keep the photos coming! They're truly fantastic.
    - Ed Valentine

  4. I just caught up on all your latest photos and I think they are great! They all seem so "happy" or maybe that's my reaction to them. They seem to capture moments in life that you ususally just glimpse through. You are really talented at taking close-ups. You capture things we look at but don't really take in.

    Great work!

    Oh, and this weekend I put together my Ikea desk! Yay!

  5. Hey KK,

    Welcome back!

    I simply love the sunflower, such radiance in the coloring. You know me and my flowers.

    I for once had a busy weekend, Friday night went to the movies and saw Lakeview Terrace w/Samuel Jackson, Saturday I went to PNC Art Center for the African Festival, and Sunday I went to church then I went to Denise's house to pick up your beautiful niece and then went to the ice cream palor. That's about it.

  6. Food Librarian - I can't believe Emily's 19! Oh my...Helen doesn't look at day over 19 herself! Glad you had fun.

  7. Therese - thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. Ed - A clean apartment is always a good thing. I find that I can't do anything else until my home is clean!!!

  9. Amber - funny you should say that because I really love shooting details. Even the wedding photos I'm going to post are mostly details. Maybe that says a little something about my personality :-)

    Yay! You put together your desk...congrats...

  10. Hi Mom - Thanks. It sounds like you had a busy weekend indeed...

    How was the movie? Find anything interesting at the African Festival?

    Love you.

  11. Hi Karen,
    Sounds like you had a fab weekend.. that sunflower looks amazing!

    Our weekend was packed.. Friday night.. a goodbye dinner at a friends for another friend who is moving to the East Coast, Sunday brunch with a mommy friend and the babies and hubbies, Saturday night, a fab dinner at Pizzeria Mozza with friends and Sunday evening a first bday party.. so Riya had fun too. We're now exhausted and the week has just started!


  12. in the world did you pack all of that into one weekend?! You're amazing...

    Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday to celebrate your birthday!

  13. Wedding picture look amazing. I really liked the gazebo and flower card. Looks like a pro shot those pictures. Great work.

  14. This reminds me of the swiffer duster commercial - Baby come back.

    I love it! Great composition [apparently I know no other word].


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