Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Robert & Jill Married!

Robert - my friend of over 12 years got married this weekend to the love of his life - Jill! The wedding took place in beautiful Santa Fe, NM.

Robert and Jill - here's to a healthy, happy and committed marriage! Cheers...

The flower girls picking up rose petals off the ground - ooops...

Kids love weddings! The little girl on the right actually walked down the aisle without any assistance and/or encouragement...

My favorite part of the wedding is when the groom sees the bride for the first time! I know - I'm a sucker for romance...

Needless to say Jill was very emotional when she saw Robert standing at the end of the aisle...

The happy groom with his friends...

I love the vintage look and feel of this photograph - I had to add it to the bunch...


  1. KK, Oh my goodness! These photos are amazing! You are going to be MY official photographer...well, let me get the guy first! :)

  2. Great body of work Karen! Love the wedding photos - all great - especially the ones with the kids and I don't even like kids - ha! Seriously, they look so professional and at the same time, so real - a moment caught in time.

    I never commented on the wine party and wanted to say I absolutely loved those as well. My favorite was of the Bonterra bottle with the candle in the shot. I wish you had more with people relaxing/sitting around sipping and talking. there's something about people sitting around and holding wine glasses that seems so elequent and relaxing. nonetheless, great shots!

  3. K... thanks so much for coming out to the wedding and for taking such great photographs - these shots are amazingly beautiful! We can't wait to see what other wonderful moments you captured. Hope you had a great time, we were so glad that you were able to share this special weekend with us. Much Love!!!

  4. Your shots are gorgeous, and so wonderful to see immediately afterwards. You captured those key perfect moments that happen so quickly but are the ones Robert and Jill will want to re-live through pictures for years.

    Great job!

  5. Very beautiful. I think you captured the essence of the wedding perfectly. It seemed like it was a beautiful, peaceful, simple ceremony.

    BTW - you're great at photgraphing children!

  6. Such incredible shots, KK. I am just awed by how you have taken to this and...wait...what am I saying? Of course you have mastered this artistic venture..you're KAREN! Amazing. Ummmm...so when can you come take some shots of my kids? KCD

  7. Hey KK,

    Once again what a absolute stunning shot of the children. The gazebo and the flowers (WOW) the texture and the coloring, I'm telling you girl, you got to go w/the pros.

    Love Mom

  8. Quit your day job - become one with the camera -OHG - Absolutely spectacular photos!!!!!

    When I do get married again - next time for cha-ching - YOU'RE HIRED!!!!

  9. You're about to be in high demand as a photographer, I hope you know that. What couple wouldn't want these intimate, beautiful photos of their special day. Awesome KarKar.

  10. Karen, I had no idea that any of this took place, being in the altered state of love and bliss that I was! Being a bride is being so "in the moment." So seeing these glorious pictures finally puts an image to all the feelings I was experiencing. Thanks so much for capturing it all. Stunning. My cousins Leah and Ella are truly pictured as the angelic little girls they are. You have an extraordinary gift....now go forth and shoot more! We love you!

  11. Hey K, Great pictures of the wedding, they came out so clear. Nice Job.
    love Niecy

  12. Hi Karen,
    I am speechless.. these pictures from the wedding are amazing.. the details are gorgeous and I loved the picture of the little flower girls.. esp after you described the confident 2 year old when we had dinner last week! Jill and Robert look so happy!!! You should have been the official photographer... these are amazing!


  13. I love that vintage look.

  14. First of all, congrats to Robert and Jill!

    Secondly, I generally love this entire series of photos. The ones without people really work for me because you can lace your own story into the image. The people shots are truly joyous but in a more specific way.

    Quite lovely, quite lovely indeed.

  15. You have a great eye, I hope that you continue your work and share your photos for the world to see...


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