Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Barbadian Clouds

Science my ass! There's no way science could produce anything this magnificent...

I spent the entire day today on the beach...mostly in the water and despite my best efforts I still somehow managed to get a tan...

When I wasn't in the water - I was nestled quite comfortably under an umbrella and while staring off into "space", I became obsessed with the cloud formations that persisted throughout the day. I can't really explain it - but it almost seems as if the clouds actually rise up from the ground and/or the ocean rather than descend down from the sky... I've asked around and no one seems to be able to tell me why...perhaps it's because we're so close to the equator????

Here's just a sample of the cloud formations I saw today. I could swear I see Elmo in the last photo... No seriously...


  1. words can't describe how beautiful these photos are! I can't believe you are THERE!

    and, words can't describe how jealous i am!!!

  2. Wow Wow wow Karen.. these are just gorgeous images and they look like posters... so surreal! Those clouds are amazing and I am so jealous!!! I see Elmo in the last picture too.. wow.. have an awesome time! Are you back this weekend?


  3. Sigh...I could cry...really. Very beautiful. I think my favorite is the next to the last...but I can't really decide I'm so in love with them all. KCD

  4. i want to be in barbados!!
    i'm thinking you're down there on some good barbadian shrooms!! becoming one with nature!!
    anyway don't the coluds seem like they are coming from the ground because the earth is round?? and maybe cause you're close to the equator??


  5. amazing k.k. I love clouds but as you know in L.A. we don't get anything nearly as magnificent as these babies...Thanks for sharing ...and yes, definitely Elmo...


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