Friday, October 10, 2008

Flippin' Leon

Met b-boy Leon on the beach today...this kid could do some serious stuff with his body...

I seriously thought he was practicing for the next it turns out he's a breakdancer and he was just trying to keep in shape.

I have more on Leon - but here's a sneak peek!


  1. Alright, Stella! You aren't down there gettin' your groove back are ya? LOL. Nice shot. More please!!!! KCD

  2. alright... so what is post processing?? you photographers with your lingo!! LOL


  3. Pretty good shot, excellent in motion, wondering if you shot 3 consecutive shots to capture this? and what about the filtered view around the shot itself? Color?
    GREAT SHOT! Lori's Robert...

  4. Wow.. amazing and the shot captures his talents well!



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