Monday, October 13, 2008

The Locals

I spent a good portion of the day shooting a few Bajan kids as they jumped off a pier into the Caribbean Sea...

The only way to get a decent shot was to get in the water...let's just say - I think I need underwater housing for my camera...I hope it still works once it dries out!

Here's a sneak peek...more later...


  1. Kar,

    These photos are stupendous! I'm always treated to such a delicious smorgasboard whenever I visit your site. I'm glad you & mom had a wonderful vaca. Wish Molly a Happy Belated Birthday for me.

  2. Another Great shot!!! In the water, that is the dedication that it takes to get that one quality shot! kEEP PUSHING...

    Lori's Robert

  3. KK. These jumping boys are INCREDIBLE! Look forward to seeing you soon.

  4. great shots but c'mon now ~ we're about to get a black president. can't you show a brotha' face in the shot?

    i'm just kidding of course. i love both of these, especially the movement and joy of the upper.


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