Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dimples, Dimples & More Dimples...

What an absolute cutie! Before our shoot James' Mom mentioned that "...James has dimples..." But little did I know...James has DIMPLES!

I couldn't get enough and wanted to keep shooting - but as with any one year old - there's only so much we can ask. James was definitely a trooper...

We spent the afternoon and well into the early evening in the beautiful gardens of Greystone Mansion. I love how green and beautiful the grass is... Check out James...and his dimples. LOL


  1. Hey Karen,

    James is a cutie - love the shot playing the drums. Dimples are the cutest. I only know of 2 other people that have dimples, Shirley Temple and my friend Margaret. Great shots!

    LOL, Linda

  2. Love them dimples!!! I love the last one of the whole family. And those drums...too cute!

  3. I really like the one where he's playing drums with panda and the one where James, Mom and Dad are sitting on the blanket together. He's a cutie - he's a perfect combo of his Mom and Dad's features!


  4. great shots! all of them!


  5. These are fantastic shots Karen... James has the most amazing dimples and is also great with the drums... the family pictures are FAB and the first picture of James makes me want to kiss him! I have been swamped but plan to call Diana tomorrow to tell her how amazing they all looked!


  6. Love, love, love them. Great use of light! Such an adorable kid.

  7. Hi Karen
    These are again FAB photos Girl!!!

    Got to LOVE thw warmth and happiness that you capture in every photo!! I'm jonesin for more!!!


  8. Great shots & my fav is the one vertically formatted of James sitting on the blanket. Like you said, the green of the grass, coupled with the blue of his shirt - and his little conspiratorial smile toward the thing just outside the shot - as a combo, are great.


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