Saturday, January 24, 2009

Johanna & Kostas Engaged!

Johanna and Kostas are in LOVE and they're doing something about it...that's right - you heard me...they're tying the knot!

Ok...seriously...I think we must have laughed for two hours straight! We started off at City Hall in Pasadena and then moved over to the Pasadena Memorial Park where I narrowly avoided getting a ticket. What a hilarious shoot... I had such a fun time with you guys - thanks for allowing me to capture such a special time in your lives.

I'm looking forward to the wedding...Greece anyone?


  1. Oh. My. God. So amazing!! You really captured their love and affection!

  2. OPAH OPAH!!!

    Amazing, simply amazing Karen - What can I say!!
    You have a wonderful gift Kar!! Jo & Kostas looked like they were having as much fun as you were!! That is a true talent - Can't wait for more!! Get to snappin'!!!

    Love ya, Missy

  3. Hey Karen, Love and fun were certainly captured in these shots. I love that you really know how to capture those special moments that are priceless.

    Love ya, Linda

  4. Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous couple! It looks like they had a ball! Great job KK!

  5. Fabulous pictures as always... you really captured their love.. such amazing shots! Keep them coming!


  6. Nice lighting....are you using a special filter? The little girl with the bull dog makes me laugh...Nice work..It looks like you are having fun!


  7. Wow! These are really fun and romantic. I especially like the close up shots of them embracing.


  8. Hey KK,
    You know I feel like I'm a part of each one of those shot's since I helped you scout out the locations.
    Loved the City Hall shot, and walking down the path in the park, you captured the loved that they share for each other.

  9. Omigosh! You made us look so great!! How'd you do that? We are adorable!! I can't wait to see the rest of them!! Karen, you really outdid yourself, and I am so in your debt - I love them!Johanna

  10. They look so incredibly happy! What a great job capturing their LOVE... How romantic...

  11. Okay, those folks need a room. But you captured their love, lust and everything inbetween beautifully.


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