Thursday, January 22, 2009

Monkey Toes Adventure!

Ok - who really has eyes that big, round and beautiful? Check out her parents and you'll see where she gets her beauty.

Riya...aka Monkey Toes...started walking not too long ago so we decided it was time for a little photo session to capture her in all her glory. Riya is a natural. The very first shot was taken at home before we'd even gotten to the park...!


  1. Hey Karen. Glad you're back. I've missed your work. Riya is absolutely stunning. You're right - her eyes are incredible!

    I really, really like your new logo. It's so you. Right down to the color combination. And the graphic will add such a nice touch to your photographs.

    Keep the work coming.

  2. Karen, You take really beautiful pics. I probably told you that before. :-)
    Love, Aunt Jean

  3. I really like the new logo. Busy as usual I see. LOL Great job on your photos too. Tami

  4. as usual your beautiful photos amaze me....I can't wait to see gus and jojo's! and I can't wait to see you next week! GNO baby!

  5. Hi KAren,
    We can never tire of seeing these amazing pictures that you took of our family! Thanks again... we can't wait to get the prints in the mail!

    And I LOVE the new logo:)


  6. Hey KK,

    See, you are back, missed your blogging. First I love the new signature. And the photo's are outstanding. You were away, but came back with even more color, depth and texture. Love every shot.

  7. She's back (and I'm so glad). Love the new logo design - it's creative and so full of style. Great shots, especially the one with the dog. Riya is a natural beauty.

    love ya, Linda

  8. Your photography continues to impress. Simply stunning. :)

  9. Karen,
    Your pictures are very moving. I think you have found your calling! I wish we were still there so you could photograph us :) Miss you!

  10. Who's got the eye of the tiger??

    -Truly amazing and Riya is absolutely adorable!!!
    You have a true gift of capturing love and happiness in each of your photo's!
    So glad that your back and ready for 2009 :)
    Love ya,


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