Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday Month - Day 10

I couldn't get enough of this family (hence the 11 photos in one post)...

And - I tried not to post every single image as black & white - but I almost couldn't help myself - there's something so nostalgic about these moments they just seem to lend themselves to b&w...

I've spent the entire weekend devoted to editing this photo shoot (with the exception of the much needed three hours I spent visiting Deb). It may not sound like a great way to spend two days out of my Birthday Month (working)...but I think it was well worth it... I had a smile on my face the entire time!

Who can resist those eyes...

What a great big brother!

How precious is that!


  1. Hey Karen,

    Don't know if you saw Celebrity Apprentice last night, but Kodak promoted their new picture frame and was one of the challenges for the celebs to incorporate into their fund raising event. These pics certainly would have made the cut and did capture a precious Kodak moment.

    LOL, Linda

  2. Karen,
    Love the b&w images - absolutely gorgeous! The kids are so adorable.

    I saw Celebrity Apprentice last night and the comment from Linda is spot on - these photos would have been perfect.

  3. This family really is too cute! I love all the pics. The one with just the little one sitting in the grass in B&W really looks like an old photo. :)


  4. I like how you used the tree (in the last photo) as a frame within a frame. The colors of the flowers and the families clothing work well together. Good work and a great looking family.

  5. OMG! That first image of the baby looking directly into the camera is stunning. A gorgeous photograph for a gorgeous baby.
    Mich -

  6. Awwwwhhhh... how cute are those kids. looks like he's going to be a great big brother.

    Hey Karen - are you using flash for fill?

  7. Karen,
    Your work just keeps gettng better and better. I'm liking the black and white series. You're right - those moments are timeless.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Those look like some extremely fun, intelligent and cool people. :)

  9. The shot of the little boy kissing his Dad's nose is priceless... What a great moment! Great job Karen...

  10. What a great looking family. Great shots - I too am wondering if you're using flash fill?

  11. Did I read that correctly? You celebrate your birthday for an entire month? Wow - what a great idea...

    Love your blog. Don't post a lot but always checking out your work. What camera(s) are you using? Mind sharing lens info on these shots?


  12. The cheeks on the little girl are irresitable (especially in the 4th photo from the top) - how precious.
    M. Carmichael

  13. Karen,
    I love your family shots - they just always look so picture perfect... Like a fairytale...
    I can get lost in the story of your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Gorgeous Karen... a beautiful family and I LOVED the black and whites... we need to do some of those when we shoot next:)


  15. Hey KK
    You captured great moments with the children.
    Love Mommy


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