Friday, May 15, 2009

Birthday Month - Day 15

So the Birthday-Month marches on strong!

Robert and I went for dinner and then off to a screening of State of Play at Paramount. The second shot is somewhat abstract (of the inside of the theatre). I just really liked it and wanted to include it.

The first shot was taken at the end of the movie as the credits rolled. I initally liked the photograph because the white words on screen are actually being refracted and reflected back upside down (green writing bottom left). I also like the people's heads sticking up from the seats. Then I got the image home and started looking at it more closely - I read the names of the crew - the set dressers more specifically and realized that Dean Lakoff was on this list...

I just think that's hysterical considering Dean is my friend Ilka's brother-n-law... I didn't know Dean worked on the movie, so how random is it that I just happened to take this shot as his name scrolled by...??? It's going to be even more hysterical if Ilka reads this post and informs me that Dean didn't work on State of Play...

BTW - thanks Rob for all the fun today at Outwater Productions...had a blast on the shoot!

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