Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birthday Month - Day 24

Let me see if I can briefly recap today...

Today was the day we (me, Mary and Helen) were headed to see the Avedon collection in Riverside... But then Helen realized it was Memorial Day weekend, so we rescheduled... No worries because Lora decided we should go bowling at Lucky Strike! But then by Thursday, she too realized it was Memorial Day weekend, so - we rescheduled... See where I'm going with this? So I resigned myself to actually staying home today and working on my website... But...

Last Thursday evening (15 mins after Lora rescheduled) Robert called and wanted to know if I was avail on Sunday to shoot Jill during one of her Yoga Tune Up teacher trainings... "I sure am" (I said) - book 'em Dano... I'm always down for shooting Jill - she can do amazing things with her body. And she can teach others to do amazing things with their bodies...

Here's the thing - I'm also in the process of conceiving and shooting my final project for school (more on the concept later) - there is one scene in particular I needed to shoot - so why not shoot it today (or tonight)! So began the process of calling the models to check their avail, finding a raunchy, seedy motel and packing up the car...

The bottom pic is an outtake from tonight's shoot. Ignore Alexa's (fake) wrist corsage (and the bedspread) for now - it will all make sense later on...

Ok - maybe not such a brief recap!

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  1. I love this - such a cute thing with that pouty lip. I think I need her.


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