Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthday Month - Day 3

I had soooooo much to do today...and none of it was very Birthday-like...but I had to do it... Cut the grass (yes...I cut my own grass), clean the house, wash clothes, grocery shopping, edit photos...and just when I couldn't take being a grown-up any longer...

Matt & Jeana came by to help me celebrate...first we took some photos (I took photos of them taking photos) then they took me to Kabuki for my favorite...SUSHI!!!

I love talking "shop" with my photog friends...

Thanks for dinner guys...!

Jena made this great combination of soy sauce, edamame, ginger and wasabi...

Oh yeah...I guess I left out the part where we (I) had an apple martini...yum!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Karen (AKA Birthday Goddess):
    The food shots look great! It looks like you have been shooting food professionally for years. Did you shoot that on film or digitally? The birthday journal looks like it is going to be an exciting piece of work. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures. I will have to book a day with you to celebrate your appearance day. Are you in town for the remainder of the month?


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