Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Katie & Duran Engaged!

I had been chatting with Katie (about her upcoming nuptials) since February and I finally got a chance to meet both Katie and Duran for the first time a couple of weeks ago while back in Jersey. I immediately took a liking to them because they are so incredibly laid back and carefree...

The first shot totally does it for me... Duran looks completely content and immersed in LOVE and Katie's eyes say it all...she's a happy gal...

I'm so looking forward to shooting their wedding in October!


  1. Karen,
    These photos are incredibly sweet! They both look extremely happy. She's got some serious bling going on - great ring.

  2. AWWWWW!!!! SO cute guys!!!!! You look great!!! Karen you did a great job!!

    MOH - Chrystyna :-P

  3. KK –
    I just spent some time (that I didn’t really have, I’m supposed to be working !!!) but I got totally sucked into your work – you are a WONDERFUL photog!!!!

    Can’t get over how beautiful the photos are… come to France and take some of us!

    Big kisses, and Happy Birthday Month!!!

  4. great couple. pics are beautiful!

  5. Hey Kar, Great pics. How natural do they look.....Love the lighting.

    Katie & Duran make a beautiful couple.


  6. you have such a knack for capturing happy moments. your work is great and this couple does indeed look happy!

    what lens(es) are you using?
    jane r.

  7. Wow!!! I love these pictures! They are beautiful! Great photography work, Karen.

    Nana aka Pat

  8. Karen, the pictures are great......hope you have a wonderful birthday. Yes, it's time to start celebrating the whole month, I'm a big fan of that..........Love Aunt Lorraine

  9. Hey there! I love your photos. I love the coloring you capture.


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