Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun, Fun & More Fun!

What an incredibly fun photo shoot! I had such a great time hanging out with Yvette, Carl, Camille & Carina - they were so much fun to work with...

I received an email back in April from Yvette...letting me know that she and her family would be in from Hong Kong in July and would I be interested in shooting them? She had seen the photos from Dimples, Dimples & More Dimples... and she just loved them (thanks Diana). It was both an honor and a pleasure to be able to capture the wonderfully playful dynamic of this family. Both Camille and Carina kept me laughing the entire time...

What I loved most is that the entire family warmed up to the camera (and to me) rather quickly... Thanks for all the laughs and your willingness to just have some good ol' fashioned fun...

I love this photo because Carina is in her own little world!


  1. Karen, these pictures are fantastic! My brother and his family have taken many family portraits before but I must say these look SO natural, warm and real! I'm really impressed by how you've managed to capture both Camille and Carina's individual personalities and closeness as sisters. As always, I love the way you've captured the light and shot perfect pairings and group shots. Great job! "Dimpless" Mom

  2. This was such a fun shoot!!! Awesome photos. You really captured their spirit.

  3. Fabulous Karen!! Absolutely love the pictures... I had a chance to meet Carina and it is so great to see her with the family... love the shots of the two sisters and the one of Carina in her own world... you're amazing! We need to set a date for capturing Riya.. she turns 2 in Nov... miss you!


  4. Karen - Thank you for making it a fun session for our family. These are wonderful pictures and as "Dimples" Mom said, they captured the girls' personalities perfectly! Maybe next time we can have a shoot with Mr. Dimples and his parents and grandma too... Yvette and Carl

  5. Truly talented. I love seeing your work. Keep up the great job......

    Love, Aunt Jean

  6. That photo of the two girls standing back to back is incredible! I love all the photos - but that one in particular is such a piece of art. Great job and glad you're back...


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