Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sofie & Fam!

When Sher contacted me to take photos of the new addition to the family - I was thrilled!  It was late November - just after Thanksgiving and we got lucky with a warm, gorgeous California day.

We actually shot at two different locations (hence the transition from lots of color to the more "cool-toned" photos on the bottom) and I gotta' say - Sofie was such a trooper...she hung in there the entire two hours.  It's clear by the smiles on Mom's & Dad's face that Sofie is surrounded by lots and lots of LOVE!

I'm looking forward to seeing this little one grow over the years...  Congrats Shahrzad and Sunny - ya' done good!


  1. Oh my! She's so cute. Great job Karen. love the little feet sticking out.
    Sue B.

  2. Really nice work Karen. The light is great and Sofie's parents look incredibly happy. I'm going to send you an email because Jim and I want to schedule a session with you. For the kids.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you again!! They look fantastic and we had such a great time shooting these!

  4. OMG! she's precious! i think sofie is such a great name for a girl. the first pic - what lens is that? are you using diffusers for the light? you always get such great light.

  5. Karen these are all such great shots. Where have you been? I've missed your postings.

  6. your shots just keep getting better and better. such a cool effect on that last photo. the shot where the parents are cradling the baby is great too. she looks so well protected and loved. great use of color and light.

  7. Hey Karen,
    Thanks for continuing your blog. I love looking at your pictures. I am working on my own blog. I am planning on taking one picture a day. It a fun exercise but hard to keep up all year.
    Jackie T.

  8. Hey Bethany,
    Thank you!
    I captured that shot with a 70-200mm IS USM 1.2L
    No - I don't generally use diffusers - but I do bounce light to fill in the shadows


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