Monday, January 18, 2010

Miramar Park

My incredibly supportive friend Smrithi has a friend Neera, who has a cousin Sheila...  I know - sounds like some sort of gossip's not - I promise...

Sheila & her husband Luv recently welcomed the most adorable baby boy into their family and wanted to capture this very special time on film (ok - on a CF card, but you get what I'm trying to say).  LOL.   Neera remembered loving the photos I took of Smrithi and her family (click here to see) and recommended me to Sheila.

I got an email from Sheila explaining that Luv (what a great name) would only be in LA for a short period of time between Christmas and the New Year, before returning to India.   That would also be the time her brother, his wife, their two boys (in from San Fran) and her parents would all be together under one roof - sounds like the perfect ingredients for a fabulous shoot...

Thank you Smrithi, thank you Neera, and thank you, thank you Sheila, Luv, Ilan, Sujata, Nikhil, Rohan, Karan, Prabha & Govind...   We may have had little sun - but we had loads of fun!

These last two shots were taken during the first 10 minutes of the shoot - when we actually had a little sun...   As you can see here and in all the above photos, without direct sunlight, I had to move away from my traditional blown-out rim light on the subjects hair...  Thoughts?


  1. What a great family. really cute. what's blown out rim lights on the subject's hair mean? you know i'm not really all that hip LOL :-) what i can say is that your photography is stunning with or without the rim lights. looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

  2. beautiful family. the kids are all so adorable. great shots!

  3. Hey Karen,

    What can I say - you are by far the best. Beautiful family.

    Loved your web site. The choice of music added a sense of calmness to the beauty of the photos displayed. It was inviting and easy to navigate. Fantastic work - well done.

    LOL, Linda

  4. hey,
    love your website, nice work.
    these shots are great. seems like this family has great personalities. the little boys (including the baby) are adorable.

  5. Key KK

    Sounds like a reality show.
    Oh well, once again you have brought out the best of another family, the happiness shown in this family along with the lighting, coloring the senery, great job.

    Love Mommy

  6. Kar,

    I'm not sure what the rim lights are (or do), but I love the clarity that the sunless photos have. Sometimes direct sunlight has a tendency to "wash out" color - which doesn't necessarily mean you get a bad photo - just less true color. I love all of these shots of this beautiful family.

  7. Hey Kr,
    what a great use of the beautiful landscape..who doesn't love that baby!!!!eye of the tiger...gotta love the luv...

  8. What a great looking family. nice job. the baby is so absolutely adorable.

  9. Karen- Wow! As always .. you amaze me! These are amazing shots of Sheila and her family... Sheila is gorgeous and the kids wow... thank you for always capturing the best for families! Love you and can't wait to schedule Riya's second shoot sometime!


  10. your photography work is amazing.

  11. Hi Karen,
    Congratulations on the new website! It looks fabulous!!

  12. Beautiful!!! I love love love the shot with the grandparents!


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