Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm in Love!

....with my new toy...  The 100mm 2.8L macro IS USM lens!

Took my new found Love on a date for Valentine's Day to the LA Arboretum.  Been living in Cali for 19 years and I've never been to the arboretum - crazy!  A few of my photog friends bought their dates (their cameras & toys) along and we made a day of it.   It was almost 80 degrees, the sun was shining (or beating down on us - depending on how you look at it) the birds were singing (literally) - and we had a ball.

What have I learned from this relationship so far - that I'm not very good at editing myself...  Yes - it would seem as if I've posted every shot from yesterday (even though I didn't)!   I have a feeling the two of us are going to make beautiful "music" together...

This post is dedicated to my Mom - who absolutely loves flowers!


  1. Hey Karen,

    Your photos are beautiful. I think flowers are so full of life and can truly understand why your mom would love them.

    LOL, Linda

  2. Cool stuff....beautiful!!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!! You have become such an amazing photog... Love you to pieces..!!!! C

  4. Hi Karen,
    Oh my god.. absolutely GORGEOUS... your pictures were fab before and with your new love.. even more amazing! Like you.. I have yet to vist the Arboretum and this has inspired me.. fabulous!


  5. Hey KK;
    Oh my GOSH. They are simply beautiful. I must have every shot. You and your new love I hope you have many peaceful fun loving years together, was it hard breaking up with the others? Tell Matt I said hey'
    Love ya Mommy

  6. Hey Karen, I love your work. I know you probably don't know, but I love taking pictures and have always liked to.

    Aunt Gretchen

  7. Great shots Karen!! You have me seriously thinking! And shout out to your mom!! haha


  8. Awesomeness!!! What kind of crazy new lense is this - I think I can see the eyes of the bumble bee on that flower. Your blog makes my senses happy.

    Love you,



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