Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I find inspiration (to create) in many different people, places & things...  Other photographers that I think are amazing, a box of crayons, the multi-colored push pins on my tack board, listening to creative visionaries speak, watching, listening to and interacting with my niece and nephew, staring out the window from my seat at 33,000 feet and of course from movies.

On occasion I'll watch a film (or better yet a movie) from a purely entertainment perspective, but more often I find myself watching films (the same movie) from a creative perspective.   Yes...for me - entertainment = "movie", creative = "film".   What I'm watching doesn't change - just my perspective.

I love collecting DVDs of some of my favorites and currently have about 200...not bad... (I know someone with well over 400 DVDs).   So whenever I can, I'll pull out a stack of DVDs from my "library" to be entertained, inspired - or if I'm feeling wild & crazy...a little of both - entertained and inspired!  Here's what I've been watching (re-watching) lately...

Where do you find inspiration?


  1. Hey KK

    Loved your thoughts on where you might find yourself being inspired.
    I find myself being inspired watching all my infant's in the daycare, watching them interact with each other playing, pulling a toy away from another, etc.
    I'm also inspired the most when I've planted a bulb and it turns into a blooming bright flower.

    Love you Mommy

  2. Hi Karen,
    I always love reading your blog and loved reading about what inspires you... doesn't surprise me one bit!

    I am inspired by my mother... a strong and grounded woman who always has something wise to say to me, my daughter who has opened my eyes in more ways than one and by all those women who manage to balance motherhood, a job and still have time to grow and focus on themselves!


  3. Hey Karen,

    Your blogs are always inspiring. I too find inspiration in many different places, but my most favorite inspiration is my Aunt Mary. She was a kind and sincere person, and would always find the good in everyone no matter what. When I was a little girl I would love being in her company and was always intrigued by her.


  4. Hey KK,
    This is such a great post. I love reading your blog and checking out your work.

    I find inspiration in my kids and just in being a good Mom. In my work (believe it or not) - I really love what I do and I think that's important.

    Keep up the great work.

  5. Kar,

    I am greatly inspired by movies. They put me in an entirely different state of mind and I love that. As you know, I am also a huge cartoon/animation fan - they make me giggle. One of my favorite movies of late is Julie and Julia. Not only because I was a HUGE Julia Child fan (as a child!), but I love that, according the movie, Julia finally found her passion and stuck with it. She faced obstacles, felt discouraged, but kept moving foward - with her very supportive and loving husband by her side.

  6. gorgeous photos karen!

  7. Great post, I love rewatching movies for inspiration and everything I read inspires my writing somehow, recently been into the classics read Jane Austen and the Brontes which I had never done before and found so much inspiration in those books.


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