Friday, March 26, 2010

The Road Less Traveled

Today I asked my niece Kennedy if she would rather be the same as each of her friends or different than each of her friends... "Different Auntie, different!" Thank Goodness...(I thought)

I mean - that's not to say her friends aren't great kids...I'm sure they are... But she knew exactly what I meant - there's no need to follow in other's footsteps when you can create perfectly wonderful imprints of your own.

Today - dare to be different!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I've never been to the race track!   At least not that I can remember... a year of "let's do things we've never done before"...I headed to the race track with Matt and Ani.

Hung out for what seemed like all day at Santa Anita Park.  Believe me when I say I had no interest in "betting"...seriously - my main objective was to check out the horses, see how close I could get to the track without actually getting trampled, and get some good shots.

Then Ani decides she wants to place a bet...  Come on guys - we're here to take pictures - right?  WRONG!  "...Ok, ok...but this is my one and only bet... - Race 4, $5 bucks, Horse #6, To Win..."  What?   I don't know - but sounds good... Whatever...

So back outside we go cause we've only got 2 minutes before the race starts and I want to get a good spot so I can shoot (photograph - LOL) the horses coming round the turn...  So we get set-up, cameras ready, our 70 - 200mm racked out, the bell rings, the gates open, we're waiting, waiting, waiting (for the horses to come around) - then Matt says..."hey, your horse is in second place..."   "What?!"   Next thing you know I'm jumping up and down screaming for Horse can do it, you can do it - go, go, go!  Yay!!!!  We won..we won!

Turns out Horse #6 has a name - Earnedandnevergiven... (yes - without spaces)...  I happily trotted up to the cashier to collect my $26.50!  It was a good day - I left the race track unscathed, and $21.50 richer (you gotta' subtract my initial $5 bet)...

Oh - and I snagged some pics too - check 'em out!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dylan Turns 1 (sneak peek)!

Today I had the honor of capturing Dylan's 1st Birthday!   This is just a sneak peek - he's so adorable, I couldn't wait!   More to come...