Monday, March 22, 2010


I've never been to the race track!   At least not that I can remember... a year of "let's do things we've never done before"...I headed to the race track with Matt and Ani.

Hung out for what seemed like all day at Santa Anita Park.  Believe me when I say I had no interest in "betting"...seriously - my main objective was to check out the horses, see how close I could get to the track without actually getting trampled, and get some good shots.

Then Ani decides she wants to place a bet...  Come on guys - we're here to take pictures - right?  WRONG!  "...Ok, ok...but this is my one and only bet... - Race 4, $5 bucks, Horse #6, To Win..."  What?   I don't know - but sounds good... Whatever...

So back outside we go cause we've only got 2 minutes before the race starts and I want to get a good spot so I can shoot (photograph - LOL) the horses coming round the turn...  So we get set-up, cameras ready, our 70 - 200mm racked out, the bell rings, the gates open, we're waiting, waiting, waiting (for the horses to come around) - then Matt says..."hey, your horse is in second place..."   "What?!"   Next thing you know I'm jumping up and down screaming for Horse can do it, you can do it - go, go, go!  Yay!!!!  We won..we won!

Turns out Horse #6 has a name - Earnedandnevergiven... (yes - without spaces)...  I happily trotted up to the cashier to collect my $26.50!  It was a good day - I left the race track unscathed, and $21.50 richer (you gotta' subtract my initial $5 bet)...

Oh - and I snagged some pics too - check 'em out!


  1. Hey Karen, It's a beautiful track and you took some great shots. Any time you leave a race track with your own money you're a big winner.
    LOL, Linda

  2. THESE PIX ARE AMAZING! I can't believe the's like I am ON the track...sweeeet!!!
    and you won some dough! yay!

  3. Karen,

    You may have only made $21.50 at the track but you can sure make more money with those pics. They are awesome.......

    Love, Aunt Jean

  4. really like.. the colors pop off the page and look so vibrant.. very impressed by the horse race :-)

  5. Hey Karen, the photos at the race track are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and yes congrats. on your win. :)
    Aunt Gretchen

  6. Hey Karen, Just curious, did you notice a monument at Santa Anita track for a horse called "Sea Biscuit". Sea Biscuit was a famous horse and a hero during the great depreciation. Sea Biscuit was the people's favorite. Also, Sea Biscuit the movie was also up for an Oscar. Ron Howard, Toby McGuire and Beau Brigdes were all nominated for the part in this movie.
    LOL, Linda

  7. Wow, these are amazing! My favorite among the many great images you've captured.

  8. Hey KK

    What great shot's of the horses, the color, texture etc., you know I love the horses, and you won, WOW, was it a favorite to win? because it usual pay's more. We need to do something with your work, it is awesome.
    Love Mommy

  9. Oh my god Karen... these pictures are just GORGEOUS and the horses look so amazing.. have always loved horses and how regal they look and you really captured that... and the details... the mud flying, the speed.. you're amazing and yipee for coming away richer... now that's a great day!!


  10. Hey Kar, Great story. The pics were great. I felt like I was actually riding the horses. Ethan actually thought that was you riding #6.
    My Auntie the Jockey.....or Jockette.
    Love ya, Necee M.


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