Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday Month - Day 24 (Wales - Day 2: Part Two)

After an exhausting day of site-seeing - it's always nice to get a home cooked meal...  I loved sitting in Hannah's and Roland's backyard chatting about our day, enjoying their garden, the rolling country side, a beautiful sunset...sipping on Prosecco (brought back memories of being in Venice sipping Bellini's).   Roland is an excellent cook and he treated us to his freshly baked bread - sprinkled with all sorts of fresh (delicious) herbs from their garden.

Dinner was absolutely delicious! A whole fish stuffed with lemon & fresh herbs, potatoes and asparagus. Followed by a wonderful dessert of fruit & cheese...yum!

Thanks Hannah and Roland for your warm and generous hospitality.

These next three shots were taken indoors with my 50mm 1.4 - there wasn't much light so they're super grainy - but you can still get a sense of what I'm talking can even see the steam coming off the potatoes.

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