Monday, October 11, 2010

It's A Small World - Kennedy

"I'm pumpin' up the richness Auntie" - as Kennedy so often proclaims during our eternity-long bouts in "The Game of Life".  After many a pay day and twenty Life Tiles later, she retires to Millionaire Estates.  She wins every time...

She's smart.  She's inquisitive, insightful, thoughtful and funny.  She's a super talented song-writer and I'm convinced she'll be directing movies one day!

She's honest (as most kids are - until society dictates otherwise):
Me: "Do you miss me?"
Her: "Not really Auntie - I just saw you"

I respect that about her.

She's been in front of my camera since the moment she was born and I can't get enough.  Love you Kiddo!