Monday, October 11, 2010

It's A Small World - Kennedy

"I'm pumpin' up the richness Auntie" - as Kennedy so often proclaims during our eternity-long bouts in "The Game of Life".  After many a pay day and twenty Life Tiles later, she retires to Millionaire Estates.  She wins every time...

She's smart.  She's inquisitive, insightful, thoughtful and funny.  She's a super talented song-writer and I'm convinced she'll be directing movies one day!

She's honest (as most kids are - until society dictates otherwise):
Me: "Do you miss me?"
Her: "Not really Auntie - I just saw you"

I respect that about her.

She's been in front of my camera since the moment she was born and I can't get enough.  Love you Kiddo!


  1. Kids and honesty got to love it LOL...
    Michelle C

  2. Oh Karen these are soooo qt!!!!!!!!
    She's adorable! and a good model ; )
    Love it!

  3. Karen she is absolutely gorgeous. It's great that kids are allowed to be so honest. Sounds like the two of you are fans of board games. We're a dying breed. If it's not Playstation my kids don't want to hear about it.

    Great shots as always. Love your work!

  4. Awwwwhhh. She's so cute. What a great Auntie you are.

  5. Hey Karen, I guess in the Game of Life with Kennedy we all come out "BIG" winners. Love the shots. Best of all you can see that the photo shoot was full of life and honesty not only the subject but from the viewer's eye as well.



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