Friday, December 31, 2010


I'm a huge fan of macro photography, shallow depth of field and isolated focus.   My 100mm 2.8L IS USM gives me just the right mix of all three.

Spent a good portion of the day at the LA Arboretum hanging out in the tropical greenhouse.   I challenged myself to capture the plant life in ways we aren't used to seeing it - so I opted for low and/or high vantage points, taking into consideration (and trying to make good use of) the negative space. Paying close attention to lines and texture...   The scrim over the greenhouse acted as a great diffuser and evenly bathed the flowers in beautiful sunlight.

Color inspires me to create!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Karen Kirkland Photography on Facebook

On Jan 1st of this year I blogged about my goals for 2010.  There were only 9 (not 10).  I purposely didn't make mention of goal #10 because I was reluctant to commit to it.  Didn't I already have enough to do - multiple email addresses to check, blogs to post, a website to update, random tweets to impose on others, an etsy storefront that remained bare, a linkedin account that I never even finished a profile for - was I really going to add one more form of social networking to my already full plate...

So goal #10 remained only known to me, and despite my many objections and with only 3 days left in the year...

#10 - Create a Facebook page for Karen Kirkland Photography- check!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year!   Yes...even better than my Birthday Month...   The winter-like weather, the music, the lights, decorating the tree (my tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving and stays up well into January).   I once kept my Christmas tree up for a year and a half.   No - not because I'm lazy - but because one year I realized I was an adult and I could do whatever I wanted to do...

The holiday spirit, people seem nicer, a time of giving.   And although I tend not to get wrapped up in the commercialism that can at times overshadow the holidays - I can appreciate the spirit of it all - just the same.

For me, this time of the year also brings with it lots of time for reflection.   On one hand it's hard to fathom where the time is going.   Am I accomplishing anything?   Am I making a difference?   Yet on the other hand I feel as if there was plenty of time and I could have done more.   I did accomplish a lot this year though - I'm exhausted and looking forward to two weeks of pure relaxation and indulgence.

The simple things I want to do, the simple things I like to do.   That are purely just for me.   Shoot whatever I want.   Read.   Spend lots of "laughing" time with family and friends.   Sit and stare into space - thinking (something I'm very good at).   Sleeping-in (how yummy).   Taking road trips.   Updating my blog - finally!   Adding new stuff to my website.   Creating photographic art pieces for my Etsy storefront.   Oh!   Let's not forget sippin' on some hot coco!

I'm a hopeless romantic, an eternal optimist and I like to dream big!  On most days, I carry with me the belief that anything is possible...

What do you still believe in?