Friday, December 31, 2010


I'm a huge fan of macro photography, shallow depth of field and isolated focus.   My 100mm 2.8L IS USM gives me just the right mix of all three.

Spent a good portion of the day at the LA Arboretum hanging out in the tropical greenhouse.   I challenged myself to capture the plant life in ways we aren't used to seeing it - so I opted for low and/or high vantage points, taking into consideration (and trying to make good use of) the negative space. Paying close attention to lines and texture...   The scrim over the greenhouse acted as a great diffuser and evenly bathed the flowers in beautiful sunlight.

Color inspires me to create!


  1. Awesome!! These are beautiful! Happy New Year Karen!!! -mary

  2. Kar,

    These botanical photos are sumptuous. Have you put together a portfolio yet? If so, are you showing it to anyone?

    Love you
    Lor Lor

  3. It all looks beautiful! Your Christmas tree is perfect.


  4. Wow, they just pop off the screen. I could not take my eyes off of the red and yellow flower (6th from the top). It seems unreal. These are amazing images Karen.

    Carlos S

  5. Karen ~ These are such exotic...even Absolutely amazing. I would love huge posters of them on my walls...whenever I get some. ~KCD

  6. Thanks Mary - Happy New Year!

    Lor Lor - liking that idea - thanks!

    Thanks Michelle - you know how I feel about my Christmas tree - LOL

    Hey Carlos - thanks for the comment.

    Kell - where you been??? Thank you! Just say the word, bird...


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