Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Karen Kirkland Photography on Facebook

On Jan 1st of this year I blogged about my goals for 2010.  There were only 9 (not 10).  I purposely didn't make mention of goal #10 because I was reluctant to commit to it.  Didn't I already have enough to do - multiple email addresses to check, blogs to post, a website to update, random tweets to impose on others, an etsy storefront that remained bare, a linkedin account that I never even finished a profile for - was I really going to add one more form of social networking to my already full plate...

So goal #10 remained only known to me, and despite my many objections and with only 3 days left in the year...

#10 - Create a Facebook page for Karen Kirkland Photography- check!


  1. Congratulations Karen! Yes my goal for 2010 was to have a website built. With a little pressure and a reminder from a complete stranger that they have been looking for my promised website I got my butt in gear and will launch it around January 15th. You look great in the photo very, my... Did you lighten your hair? You look hot woman! I am looking forward to catching up with you at the top of the year. Have a good one. How do you plan to bring in the New Year?


  2. KK so glad you decided to finally share your wonderful pics with even more people!

  3. Wow Kar, Im so proud of you. My big sister has accomplished so much. Congrats on reaching goal #10....your facebook page. I tried to send a comment but I realized I needed to sign up for facebook (not today)Lol.
    and by the way you look like Beyonce in the photo.
    Love Ya, Necee


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