Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10th Street Preschool Silent Auction

A couple of months ago I received an email from my good friend Smrithi asking if I would be interested in donating a photo-shoot package to families with kids.   Her daughter Riya (here) just started attending preschool last November and of course Smrithi is already sitting on the school's fundraising committee.  Smrithi gets more done in a day than I can only dream about...

Every year, the school has a big party for the parents of the students - where they raise money for the school's scholarship drive (which allows kids whose parents cannot afford preschool to attend 10th Street) - how wonderful is that!

I'd never been asked to do something like this before and I was more than honored to donate my services to the silent auction!

My brand packaging finally arrived (see below), so I wrapped up one of my gift certificates in the chocolate box, tied a ribbon around it and attempted to make a flower out of the bow (re: bow - it's the thought that counts - right?)

Smrithi - I hope the auction is a huge success...   Thanks for thinking of me!


  1. Hey Karen,

    Love the packaging and colors, beautifully done and who doesn't love chocolate :) and I hope the auction is a huge success!

    Love ya,


  2. Beautiful and inviting ..I wish you the best Karen!!

  3. Kar,

    What's not to love about this exquisite packaging!? This color combination is the best - we actually use it a lot at the bakery when decorating cupcakes (chocolate frosting with blue decorations:) They sell like hotcakes. Also, your website is AWESOME!!! What is the music you have playing?

  4. OMG, the packaging looks great! Love the color choices, KK!


  5. you rock girl!miss you, Dave

  6. Dayhmn girl, your doing the damn thang!!

  7. Beautiful!


  8. very nice kk, simple but yet beautiful! & been meaning to tell you I love your logo.
    xo lisette

  9. Karen,

    I simply love your photos. You have a very unique eye.

    Love, Aunt Jean

  10. Look at you, you pro! Love the Depth of Field!


  11. Hi Linda! Thank you. Chocolate and blue are definitely a favorite color combination of mine.

    Hey Missy - thanks!

    Jessica! Thank you...

    Dave! You did it! Yay...thanks Dave - miss you too!

    Thanks Michelle!

    Lisette! I'm so glad you stopped by AND had time to comment. Woman didn't you just have an 8lb baby? Why aren't you resting... LOL Thanks for the comment

    Thank you Aunt Jean.

    Hey Matty - that's the 100mm 2.8L - love, love, love that lens... Thanks!

  12. Thanks Lor Lor - I can only imagine how great those cupcakes must taste! The music on my website changes throughout, but on the home page is "Leavers Dance" by The Veils.

    Can't wait to see your bakery!

  13. Hey KK
    Love the color combo, and just the word chocolate,I can relate. I thought the bow was the best I've seen yet(smile).
    What a worthy cause, I wish the 10th sch. the best and also to Smrithi.
    Love Mommy


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