Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blast From the Past Wednesday: Caryn & Bill - I Do!

I think it was the end of October 2009 when I got the phone call.   I'd just landed in Atlanta, rented a car and began my 3-hour road trip into Savannah...

At that point Bill and Caryn had been engaged for a few months and the last thing I expected was to be asked to shoot their wedding...   I don't think Bill had gotten the question out (fully) before I said "yes!"

I mean, come on...being invited to Palm Springs to shoot a wedding is never a bad thing.   Unless of course it's in the middle of the summer and 120 degrees...   Luckily for me the wedding was in May - when Palm Springs is at its most glorious!

I love them together - kind, gentle, stolen glances, finishing one another's sentences, how they look to one another for support and each in turns gives it.

Thanks Caryn & Bill for allowing me to capture such precious memories...  xoxo

The best man giving a little advice???   I think this alcove is really interesting - the stripes, the mirrors, the reflection of the wallpaper in the mirrors, the reflections of the groom and best man in the mirror...   This shot was taken by my second shooter - Matthew.

Everybody got a good laugh when the best man acted as if he'd forgotten the rings...

Caryn's ring went on without incident...   But when the time came for her to put on Bill's ring...

...she had a little trouble.   Why?   Because if you look closely at the shot above, right finger, but on the wrong hand!


  1. I so wish I had you shoot our wedding!! xo Nicole

  2. Wow! these look great!!


  3. Hey Nic! I miss you... I would have loved to shoot your wedding. But I must say I still had a great time just being a guest!

    Thanks Matt... Thanks for all of your help! You're the best second shooter a girl could ask for!

    Thanks Mary! I'm heading over to your blog now...

  4. Hey KK,
    My next wedding, will you be the photographer?(smile).
    Well anyway tell Matt that was a great angle to shot from,nice work.
    Love Mommy


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