Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blast From The Past Wednesday: LA Zoo

I have a question.   Why are the animals always inside "feeding" or "sleeping" whenever I go to the zoo?   Seriously - I don't understand it...   Or here's one - "they're on loan to another zoo".   I've been to at least 5 zoos in different parts of the Country (is Country supposed to be capitalized) and it's always the same thing...

So after living in LA for almost 20 years I decided it was time to check out the LA Zoo...   Last April (yes...April 2010 - it's 'Blast From The Past Wednesday' remember), some friends and I headed over to see what we weren't going to see.

On this trip, I only had my 100mm 2.8L lens so I couldn't get as close as I wanted to.   Next time it might be interesting to bring a longer lens and shoot abstracts of their different body parts.  Hmmm...

Got any recommendations for a really good zoo?

I just think Giraffes are such interesting creators!  Nothing really seems to fit together - the long, knobby legs, the kinda' too short for the rest of the body tail, the bulging eyes, the long tongue, those crazy wacky ears...the two horn looking things on the top of the head...  what is happening!

I love this shot because it seems like they're having a secret conversation...talking trash about the other zoo animals...


  1. Beautiful shots! Washington DC has a great zoo.


  2. Thhheeeeyyyyrrreee ggrreeaat!!!
    love em love em love em!!!need i say more kk..eye of the tiger!!!!
    As for zoo's..nj has the capital building in trenton..look at some of the politicians!!
    hee hawww

    xoxoxox missy

  3. Hey KK

    Yes Country is spelled with a Capital C, it's a place.
    Well I'm sure you were happy & surprised to see the animals were not sleeping.
    A great zoo I visited was the Arizona Zoo, I think most animals were awake.
    By the way great photo shot's of the amazing creature's
    Love Mommy

  4. Hey Cousin
    I swear...I'm lovin your pictures. They are soooo beautiful. You truly have talent! Love ya


  5. Thanks Michelle. Hmmm...never been to that zoo - will definitely need to check it out next time in DC.

  6. Missy - your Tony the Tiger impression is pretty good! You've got jokes! LOL

  7. Hey Mom - yeah...I remember that Arizona zoo story - pretty funny imagining you at 25 roaming around the zoo...(in Arizona). Love you.

  8. Cousin!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm taking requests - got any? Love you...


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