Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blast From the Past Wednesdays...

I'm really trying to be a better blogger...   Short-term goal (which could turn into a long-time accomplishment) - blog at least twice a week!

Because I've been a naughty blogger, there are a bunch of sessions that I've yet to blog about.  Sooooo...I decided to turn Wednesdays into Blast From the Past Wednesdays.   At least until I'm caught up (then I'll think of something else).

Today however is just a sneak peek of each of the sessions I'm currently working on.   A full blog post about each starts next Wednesday...

Without further adieu (no more rambling from me), I bring you Blast From the Past Wednesdays!

This first shot is from Caryn & Bill's Wedding...

This shot is from the Narayan Family session - My first session with Riya was when she was only a year old (here)...

This shot is from Frazia & Greg's Wedding... 

This shot is from Jenn & Sverre's Engagement...

This shot is from the Larsen Family session - I first shot them when the little one was really a little, little one (here)...

This shot is from the Olazabal Family session.   Can you remember the last time you loved something this much!


  1. Heart-warming Olazabal Family shot of the little one. Sometimes shots of childhood innocence leave a little residual melancholy afterward; remembering things lost. This shot touched my heart. The only remnant thought after viewing it was inspiration to allow joy to be unfiltered and unrestrained.

    Carlos S

  2. Awwwwh Carlos - that's so sweet! And yes...I agree, joy should be unfiltered and unrestrained...

  3. Love love love that last one! So sweet! Definitely want our next shoot to be on the beach :)

  4. Love this idea! I have some summer desserts still hanging around that I need to post too! :) - mary

  5. Great shots, Karen! You got this lifestyle stuff down.


  6. I love how your pictures are so bright and vibrant. The people and object really jump off the page :)

  7. Thanks Sher! I'm so eager to catch the little one now that she's tearing up the sidewalk..!!

    Say when...I'm game - the beach it is.

  8. Hey's all I could think of... I had so many sessions that I hadn't blogged it was insane. By all means if it works for you - use it!

    Are you telling me there's more deliciousness for me to salivate over - bring it!

  9. Thanks Matt! And you know how I feel about your work - AWESOME! I'm still thinking about that Bad Water Basin pano...

  10. Kimmie! Thank you, thank you, thank you... I'm still really trying to find my signature "look" - maybe this is it? Looking forward to hangin' soon.

  11. Just stopped by to say wonderful work. I look forward to seeing more. I just stumbled on to your blog via cakies.

    Lisa xx

  12. love the pictures!!!
    esplly the rings, ur such an awesome photographer!!! the pictures are so clear and crisp! I also love the way you capture the background and really take your time and center your work. ur FU#$%^KING incrdble!

  13. Hi Lisa... Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by AND for leaving a comment (thanks for the compliment). Come back again. I'm gonna' check out your blog.

  14. Thanks T.I.P. - I really appreciate that. I remember when you used to shoot... Do you still have all of your equipment?

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